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Energetic Protection

Inania Phi Light Pyramid

Building an energetic protective space

  • Energetic protection is useful for making it easier to work and act, so that issues, trauma, etc. become visible and harmonized more quickly. With Inania, we can build a permanent energetic protective space (home, practice, rooms, garden, children's room, etc.) so that a higher vibration always surrounds us.
  • According to the principle I developed of the Phi Light Pyramid, increasing vibration in space through rock crystals ("Phi Light Pyramid Inania"), the vibration is significantly increased by Maha Cohan Pyramids, Har'A'Tora Pyramids and Rose Quartz Pyramids Cuore.
  • This higher vibration can be perceived by particularly sensitive and high-vibration people through tingling in the body, feeling lightness, brightness in the room, mood improvement and warm heart feelings.
  • Because of this Inania - Phi light pyramid, the transformation work is simplified and energies flow more easily.
  • An energetic protective space ensures that we can hold ourselves in a higher vibration because it surrounds us. We can only reduce this high vibration ourselves, through our thoughts.
    We can only reduce this high vibration ourselves, through our thoughts.

4 Maha Cohan pyramids - here -

  • Within just a few days, the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids build up a protective energy field in the form of a very large energetic light pyramid. In this way, a high vibrational, pure and clear pyramid space is created, allowing us to appear simpler and more relaxed. They are currently a very simple and effective way for us humans to protect ourselves energetically from external energies and frequencies and to increase our light quotient.

4 Rose Quartz Pyramids Cuore - here -

  • Rose Quartz Phi Pyramids are heart openers and lovingly bring out our empathic qualities.

  • Influence on existing Maha Cohan pyramids:
  • If we add 4 rose quartz pyramids to the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, an even gentler and more loving energy is created, which resonates with our heart and expresses our empathy and self-love.

Energetically accompanying protection

Merlyn 144 Facet Phi Crystal - here -

  • The 144 facet Phi crystal is a companion that we can carry with us permanently. He can set us free from the self-imposed limitations of duality. As long as we cannot keep ourselves stable in our frequency (light vibration), the 144 facet phi crystal will always raise us into our very own vibration.
Energetic protection

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