Heart Angel Phi Crystal

Heart Angel Phi Crystal Vogel Cut

  • There are 12 Facet Phi Crystals that contain many silvery or gold colored Rutiles making them unique. We also call the silvery and gold-colored rutile angel hair, the phi crystal itself we call heart angel phi crystal. These silvery or gold-colored rutiles make a heart angel phi crystal special and generate additional divine energies. Therefore, when buying a phi crystal, especially advanced users should always pay attention to whether it contains silvery or gold-colored rutile.

The Heart Angel Phi Crystal has the following attributes:

  1. works at the level of human nature
  2. initializes the awakening of man on the material and conscious level
  3. stands for strength, will and endurance
  4. stands for transformation
  5. strengthens the desire for understanding
  6. activates and harmonizes the 12 strands of DNA

The Heart Angel 12 Facet Phi Crystal works particularly well with:

  1. 4 Maha Cohan pyramids
  2. Solana Phi Crystal
  3. Extraction Phi Crystal
  4. Quantum Leap Phi Crystal
  5. 13-20-33 phi crystal
  6. Angel Feather Phi Crystal
  7. and others
Heart Angel Phi Crystal

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