Quantum Leap Phi Crystal

Quantum Leap Phi Crystal Vogel Cut

  • The Quantum Leap Phi Crystal creates entirely new energies/frequencies by connecting to Quantum Fields that normal Phi Crystals rarely -or cannot- create.
  • The Quantum Leap Phi Crystal is connected to Quantum Leap energies through various energy streams to open up certain Quantum Leap energy fields to us.
  • He emits special energies that should help us to dive into our new energy fields more easily and to stabilize them afterwards.

The Quantum Leap Phi Crystal works particularly well with:

  1. Maha Cohan Pyramid(s)
  2. Extraction Phi Crystals
  3. Solana Phi Crystal
  4. Heart Angel Phi Crystal
  5. Angel Feather Phi Crystal
  6. and others

Quantum Leap Phi-Kristall Vogel Cut

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