Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

Rose-quartz is an important protection against radiation and stone for love. Rose quartz is a particularly important healing stone for the heart. This model gives you sensitivity and romance. He is the stone for the lovers, because it lets longings and desires are awakened. In particular, the susceptibility to love is strengthened by the rose quartz.

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7 Gates Rose-Quartz Phi-Crystal

7 Gates Rose-Quartz...

Price €187.39
Rose-Quartz 8 Gates Phi-Crystal

Rose-Quartz 8 Gates...

Price €189.54
Rose-Quartz Magic Wand Love Phi-Crystal

Rose-Quartz Magic Wand Love...

Price €252.09
Rose-Quartz Magic Wand Elisabeth Phi-Crystal

Rose-Quartz Magic Wand...

Price €252.09
Augustus Rose-Quartz Phi-Crystal

Augustus Rose-Quartz...

Price €75.62
Rose Quartz 24 Facet Phi Crystal Rosa

Rose Quartz 24 Facet Phi...

Price €58.82
Sunshine Rose Quartz 24 Facet Phi Crystal

Sunshine Rose Quartz 24...

Price €378.14
Large Phi-Crystal Grid Set

Large Phi-Crystal Grid Set

Price €193.27
Heart Opener Rose Quartz 24 Facet Phi Crystal

Heart Opener Rose Quartz 24...

Price €336.13