Phi Pyramid made of natural quartz crystal

Phi Pyramids


  • Maha Cohan Pyramids

    4 Maha Cohan Pyramids

    Within a few days, the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids build up a protective energy field in the form of a very large energetic light pyramid. In this way, a high-vibrating, pure and clear pyramid space is created in which we can appear simpler and more relaxed. At the moment they are a very simple and effective way for us humans to protect ourselves energetically from external energies and frequencies and to increase our light quotient.
    With the installation of the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, a feel-good atmosphere is created, an oasis of high-vibrational light, since unhelpful and low-vibrating energies are reflected, which would normally hit us energetically from the outside. In this way we can achieve a high light quotient within the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids much more easily and also keep it at a high level. We get faster into our heart feelings and perceive everything that has a vibration. Above all, what vibration we have ourselves. If we are within the energetic protection of the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, our unhelpful thoughts that are still working in us are also reflected to us. It is possible that, especially at the beginning, we are presented with a great many unhelpful thoughts that require harmony. Here we can trust and learn to accept our thoughts lovingly in order to recognize that they reflect our own challenges. These are shown to us as long as we carry them within us.

  • Har'Atora Pyramid

    The Har’Atora quartz crystal phi pyramid is from the island of peace. This phi pyramid is available to us if we strive for holistic healing within ourselves and if we can forgive ourselves and the world. With Har'Atora, a deep cleansing flows through us, as if we were standing under this lukewarm waterfall on this tropical island and didn't want to leave this magical place. 
Everything that happens to us under the waterfall at this moment is too magical and peaceful. We wash every impurity with every water molecule. With the phi pyramid Har’Atora, purifying water energies flow through us from the source. Unnoticed, the hours pass peacefully in harmony in this energy. In her created energy, from the island of peace, we bathe in a feeling of carelessness and can take new steps towards the future without pain.

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    The delivery time is usually between 1 and 3 months, but the exact delivery date is unknown.

  • Sirius Pyramid

    In this special Sirius pyramid, four powerful energies enter via her tip, crown, in order to be distributed harmoniously. In this way she brings our Ying and Yang into harmony from all sides. 
The Sirius pyramid has her origins in the Nordic regions. Hidden deep under millions of layers of ice, she is connected to the power from the core of our planet Earth. 
With which our good nature, like a divine mixture of wisdom and strength, is balanced. For the protection of the collective, nature and everything loving in the sky tent, the duality is suspended. 
The Sirius Pyramid is there to change our world in love with a special transformation energy from the core of our essence and our existence.

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    The delivery time is usually between 1 and 3 months, but the exact delivery date is unknown.

  • Metatron Pyramid

    The Metatron pyramid creates the unearthly connection and opening to various portals, receives and strengthens communication with the origin. It has its origin in this hidden, magical place of strength in the forests of the Amazon, where the most powerful sources of power of our cosmos intersect. Strengthened intuition, wisdom and creativity with the knowledge of the universe is given to us with it. With it we get this magical access to the crown of creation.

    If the Metatron Pyramid is sold out,contact us.

    Price on request.
    The delivery time is usually between 1 and 3 months, but the exact delivery date is unknown.

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