Vogel Cut Crystals, Phi Crystal Handling

Phi crystals are precision instruments. They call upon the people who are willing to interact and lovingly work with them. They offer themselves to people:

  • who are responsibly prepared,
  • which give them serious study,
  • which draws their attention to the profound uses and
  • dedicated to the divine mysteries.

Phi Crystals are not for everyone, but for those who draw the Phi Crystals with appropriate pure intention, a high enough Light Quotient and use them only for the highest purposes of love. Phi Crystals offer extreme advancement to those people who are in synergy with the Matrix. The phi crystal only works in synergy with people who have a sufficiently high light quotient (open heart). Before this light quotient is reached, it is accepted when placing an order that the phi crystal will most likely not work for the time being and will remain inactive. Activation only takes place when the Phi crystal is used for the highest good of love (from the heart).

All Phi Crystals generally require an acclimatization period of around 30 days to achieve synergy and coherence with it.

The phi crystal never does the work for us, he will never overwhelm us so that our inner intention or inner power is no longer needed, the phi crystal serves its purpose and is a tool to aid our ascension, instead of achieving ascension for us.

The phi crystal is "controlled" by its own divine consciousness so that only energies flow where the energy flow is allowed or where the soul allows it. For no other purpose than love will a phi crystal work. If misused, each phi crystal will self-destruct, as he did in the days of Atlantis, or remain inactive.