44 Facet Phi Crystal

Description by author La Vie

When the energies in our environment dance and influence us without being asked, the 44 Facet Phi Crystal takes the stage.
She takes us lovingly by the hand, takes us to the land of dreams, where we can be gentle and thoughtless in peace with us, relax, switch off, to find ourselves again.We are gently grounded with her.
The 44 Facet Phi Crystal gently supports meditation with her delicate energy channels.
In order to experience grounding with her, we should be completely on our own, it doesn't matter whether in the quiet closet or far away from a city in nature.
The 44 Facet Phi Crystal is at home in the Alps, anchored high up with the most beautiful mountain flower meadow, while being close to heaven and yet grounded, she connects us with the most beautiful potpourri of energy, with which we find the inner harmony again.

The 44 facet phi crystal operates at the level of human nature.

The following attributes are said to belong to the 44 facet phi crystal:

  • it connects with the concept of the super-soul and makes the unknown known
  • it forces exploration of the unknown
  • it restores the memory
  • it provides the entrance level for completion on earth
  • it can cure joint inflammation and arthritic complaints
  • it balances intention and energy
  • it stimulates brain activity and circulation

The 44 facet phi crystal is suited for energetically working people and healers.

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 171