6 Gate Phi Crystal

The 6 gate phi crystal taps into what is called the epoch of Avalon and Atlantis from the point of view of humanity. Much of the experience-based information from Atlantis radiates from these 6 gate phi crystals. 
It is expected that the overarching effects of these 6 gates phi crystals will be to increase and expand the openings to knowledge about Atlantic light technologies and spiritual practices. 
The 6 gate phi crystal can also be experienced as an entire body of energy that radiates outwards and expands the user's energy field (aura).

The 6 gate phi crystal has the following characteristics:

  • is very effective in helping with relationship issues
  • reveals the inner motives of the user
  • helps to purify conflicts within the higher self
  • helps in the revelation and removal of what we call the spiritual ego
  • effectively overrides energies of jealousy, need for control and anger directed towards the user by someone else
  • in particular, it purifies and balances the 2, 3, 4, and 5 chakras, so that body and mind are better connected and in communication
  • adds information, feelings, and knowledge required to handle the reconfigured and healed matrix

The 6 gate phi crystals are available in different variants. The 6 gate phi crystals developed by the author, Carsten Metje, are now available all over the world and especially appeal to the era of Avalon and Atlantis.

  • 24-6-36 phi crystal is the sword Excalibur of Archangel Michael (King Arthur)
  • 12-6-24 phi crystal is the dagger Athame of Archangel Michael (King Arthur)
  • 18-6-24 phi crystal is the dagger of High Priestess Myriel
  • 12-6-18 phi crystal is the dagger of Viviane, Mistress of the Lake, from the era of Avalon

These 6 gate phi crystals actually cut both ways energetically by revealing the user's own true motives and conflicts as well as those of other people. The 6 gate phi crystals must be used wisely and in compassion.

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 174