13 Facets

13 Facet Phi Crystals

The 13 facet phi crystal carries all the features of the 12 facet phi crystal and in addition the following:

  1. in meditation it connects with earlier lives
  2. stands for change and liberation
  3. represents the sacred feminine
  4. stands for extraction efforts

The 13 facet phi crystal is a wonderful tool for energetic healers in applying the mentioned attributes. 
The 13 facet phi crystal is predestined for extraction. The 13 facet phi crystal is suitable for people and users who have been studying phi crystals for some time and have gained experience with quartz and phi crystals so that they are able to achieve synergy with them.

The Phi-crystal never does the work for you, it will never overpower you so that your intentions or inner power are no longer needed, tools that aid your ascension rather than achieve your ascension for you.

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