5 Gates

Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

5 Gate Phi-Crystals Harmony with the Divine Feminine

5 Gate Phi-Crystals

The 13-5-18 Facet Phi Crystal with 5 Gates commissioned and developed by us works particularly well with the 13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal, providing a very powerful feminine energy. The 5 gate phi crystal can be assigned the following attributes:

  1. brings the divine feminine into harmony
  2. relieves blockages associated with deep trauma
  3. opens the way to happiness and euphoria
  4. brings you into harmony with the aspects of grace
  5. reveals the lack of self-love
  6. helps in the extraction of self-denial and deficient mentality, as well as lack of energy and initiative
  7. helps in the recovery of energy and intention
  8. bears all the attributes of 13 and 33 facet phi crystals with special characteristic features

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