7 Gate Phi Crystal

Designed by the author, the 13-7-24 phi crystal with seven gates taps into what is called Mother Mary, from the perspective of humanity.

She bears all the characteristics of the 13 facet and 24 facet phi crystals, with special characteristic features. Furthermore, the properties listed are attributed to her:

  • stands for order stands for perfection
  • stands for compensation helps to bring unity and connection to eternity
  • brings all healing energies together
  • connects you to the mind and the spirit receives and combines wisdom from all spiritual sources and points of view, from all peoples, ethnicities and cultures
  • is the melting pot which shows what is purely on the spiritual path and what not rejects insincerity and surveillance increases the freedom as well as the power of your own decision and free-will
  • reveals hidden prejudices and vices hidden from oneself so that they can be removed

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 176