8 Gates

Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

PHI-Crystal with 8 Gates

8 Gate Phi-Crystal – Double Terminated

Specially designed by the author, this 13-8-21 and 13-8-12 facet phi crystal with 8 gates makes patterns visible so you can recognise them and work on them. The 8 Portal Phi Crystal is cutted to bring exactly the theme into your life, which can now be edited and recognized to solve it. Often people do not recognize which topic is currently pending, as they are too much oriented with their senses. The 8 Portals Phi Crystal sharpens the senses and makes it clear what the theme is right now. Simply concentrating on the 8 Gate Phi Crystal, which is a kind of discipline, makes people clearer and more aware of their actions. In this way, by the human, or the user recognizes his subjects, he gets closer and closer to his life's tasks. Since the soul works together exactly the topics with the 8 Portals Phi Crystal, which have blocked the destiny or the intended life tasks so far. This unique 8 Portals Phi Crystal will greatly assist you on your journey from the heart into love. It has its name because of its angelic being. Like an angel, it stands by your side and helps you to break through into the new becoming, as long as you are ready and mature for it.
Additionally, if you have a correspondingly high light quotient, it converts and transforms everything that is not helpful into light and love. With movements of the Golden Spiral (Fibonacci Spirals) you can create a breakthrough into the new becoming of what is ready to become new with this angel phi crystal.
The 13-8-12 Facet Phi Crystal with 8 Gates commissioned and developed by us works particularly well with the 144 Facet Phi Crystal, providing a very powerful harmonic energy.

Figure 45 Golden Spiral 

Attributes of the 13-8-21 and 13-8-12 facet phi crystal with 8 gates:
  1. stands for health, breakthrough, change and transformation
  2. shows you reflections of yourself that you are about to repent and forgive in the moment
  3. makes the bigger picture to serve visible
  4. makes harmony and the divine order visible
  5. shows you that there is nothing that has just come into existence like that, but rather, that everything is planned precisely, and helps you to recognise this
  6. shows you that everything is tuned to the finest in divine order, and nothing happens by chance

The 8 Portals Phi Crystal is suitable for people and users who have dedicated themselves to the study of the Phi Crystal for some time and have gained experience with quartz and Phi crystals. So that they are able to synergize with the Phi Crystal.

8 Gate Phi-Crystal. Description by Author La Vie

The 8 Gate Phi Crystal is a booster crystal.
Sometimes we are exhausted and find no drive.
With the 8 Gate Phi Crystals, which are firmly connected to the savannah,
where gazelles run in the scorching summer heat when the circumstances require.

Likewise, with the (Booster) 8 Gate Phi Crystals,
in regular rituals, 2-3 times a week, we come into a special power
to create new things and finally implement plans.

Author La Vie

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