144 Facet Phi Crystal

The 144 Facet Phi Crystal is designed for and intended for people who are already on their way to their heart and are looking for new ways to arrive in the heart and to be stable in love and a loving mindset. It addresses people who believe in the power and omnipotence of natural clear quartz crystals and have worked with them for more than 5 years. Because, through the 144 Facet Phi-Crystal, our very own energies, which we are, are revealed to us. The human being, who gets to know himself more and more, through the everyday feeling, becomes aware of himself. He will definitely change his attitude of mind lovingly. Because, he will increasingly realize what he is doing with himself, what is not love.

The 144 facet Phi Crystal is a wonderful tool that can energetically support us extremely.
The 13-8-12 Facet Phi Crystal with 8 Gates commissioned and developed by us works particularly well with the 144 Facet Phi Crystal, providing a very powerful harmonic energy.

The 144 facet Ph crystal is one of the highest vibrating crystals ever. He can transmit to us, through our own loving intention alone, higher consciousness or the Source Light Intelligence, so that it flows into us or becomes activated in us.

The 144 facet phi crystal can set us free from the limitations of duality that are imposed on us. As long as we cannot keep ourselves stable in our frequency (light oscillation), the 144 facet Phi crystal will raise us again and again into our very own oscillation.

  • clarity
  • compassion
  • Understanding of the unity of humanity
  • Clarification of obstacles on the spiritual path
  • tap into the 4th and 5th dimension
  • Self-knowledge
  • WE feeling
  • harmony
  • security
  • shows you reflections of ourselves that we should reverse right now.