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Self Reflection

  • The work of self-reflection and transformation is a step for every person to recognize who she / he actually is.
    There are different options, practices, rituals and crystals that can be used here.
    Working with phi crystals and e.g. trauma requires certain prerequisites (maturity, wisdom, will, strength, endurance, ...).
    We recommend the following Phi crystals and Phi pyramids:

Quantum Leap Phi Crystal - here -

  • The Quantum Leap Phi Crystal is connected to Quantum Leap energies through various energy streams to open up certain Quantum Leap energy fields to us. It radiates special energies that are intended to help us say goodbye to past energy fields with love in order to dive into our new energy fields more easily and then stabilize them. After 6 weeks of use/application, we should be able to hold our new energy field independently and separate ourselves from old energy pathways fully automatically without thinking.

Angel Feather Phi Crystal - here -

  • The Angel Feather Phi Crystals can be recognized by their blue rutiles. They are powerful energetic tools with a mystical connection. They connect with the original energies of the Inca temples and their original inhabitants in the 15th century. These Angel Feather Phi Crystals are capable of replenishing light and correcting errors in system energies or attached energies in energetic energy fields that are not of divine origin.
    They support advanced users in fundamentally clearing and cleansing their energetic systems, enabling us to move into higher vibrational frequencies. The Angel Feather Phi Crystal is particularly effective at finding "blind spots" that cannot be identified or compensated for using traditional spiritual tools.

Heart Angel Phi Crystal - here -

  • The Heart Angel Phi Crystal is a special Phi crystal that is able to gently activate the heart energies. Through its unique vibration, it supports us in getting ourselves into the right heart vibration in order to recognize the path of our individual destiny and that of the divine plan and to follow it unswervingly. When we connect with the energy of the Heart Angel Phi Crystal, it opens our hearts. This in a loving and gentle way. It helps us to release emotional blockages, experiences and limitations from the past, as well as destructive energies from our immediate environment, which may prevent us from living our true heart essence. Through this gentle form of activation of the heart energies, the Heart Angel Phi crystal opens doors to our innermost core. In this way, it allows us to delve into deeper levels of self-love and compassion.

Har'Atora pyramid - here -

  • The Har'Atora Pyramid scans all of our energies exactly where we place, hold or place them. If we begin to work with it, it will show us all the disharmony at the moment very gently and empathetically so that we can recognize them. It allows our minds to rise to a higher level of peace, as if we were looking down on ourselves from a cloud. Above all, it examines our mental attitude and ancient behavioral patterns, which it transmits to us immediately so that we don't let them become manifest in the first place.
self-reflection and transformation

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