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Vogel Cut Quartz Phi Crystals


  • Amethyst

    Vogel Crystals, Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

    • Amethyst is known to purify the body and soul and it gives inner peace so can be used especially well for skin care and to help against migraines. Amethyst has particularly purifying abilities on the mind. Amethyst can clarify all superfluous thoughts and sensations.
      Used in meditation, it stimulates intuition. It can simply be viewed or used with the crown chakra. Amethyst gives you more devotion and confidence in life, more warmth, more peace and harmony, and can let your problems be seen and resolved more in advance.
  • Ametrine

    Vogel Crystals, Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

    • The Ametrine is attributed to a particularly gentle and balancing effect on the soul. He gives the user a harmonious balance and brings inner contradictions in harmony.
      It is attributed to the zodiac sign of Libra and Virgo With its balancing effect. Ametrine is a two-colored quartz of silicon with traces of aluminum and iron. He holds two strong stones to the violet amethyst and yellow-brown Citrine. By a freak of nature, these two quartz gemstones were united in Ametrine. Thereby he also received his name because Ametrine is a derivative of amethyst and citrine.
  • Citrine

    Vogel Crystals, Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

    • Citrine can help very well with stress, grief and depression. It gives new joie de vivre, brightens moods and strengthens self-confidence as well as one’s sense of individuality. Citrine brings clarity in life, arouses curiosity for new things and can help to process experiences or disappointment better. Citrine also increases determination and strengthens expressiveness. During meditation, it can process experiences or disappointments better and arouse curiosity for new things.
  • Dorje / Vajra
    • The Dorje is a Buddhist ritual instrument with a very long tradition and history. It is used for aura and room cleaning and Dorje clear quartz crystal are popular with their powerful energy vibration in Tibetan doctors healing instruments.
      Dorje / Vajra of clear quartz crystal are also so-called diamond Dorje, they have a very high energy and vibration information. Buddhists consider him a symbol of the path to enlightenment. In normal Dorje / Vajra symbolize two by four clasps the eight virtues of Buddhism. The four ways to look at the outside world and the four-way inside. The special significance is attributed to the Inner Path: According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Inner Path enables the transformation and perfection of man and thus leads to an expansion of consciousness.
      Dorje / Vajra is translated as a thunderbolt or scepter. Dorje also means indestructible diamond or Lord of the stones. He has two power poles, male-female, yin yang ... which means that between the two poles of energy can flow. Depending on how the Dorje is held energy can be supplied to or derived. This works both in humans, as well as the energizing of food and space energizing.
      The Dorje is a symbol of the steadfast, masculine principle, which is the path to enlightenment. His twice four clasps represent the eightfold Buddhist path. In India it is called Vajra (Indian, pronounced "Wadschra") Most are Dorje brass or bronze. A special force have Dorje from clear quartz crystal or other precious stones.
  • Obsidian

    Obsidian 12 Facet Phi Crystal

    • The 12 facet Obsidian Phi crystal takes us deep into our lives and allows us to view our experiences more consciously. He absorbs unhelpful negative energies and protects us from them. The black, volcanic glass primarily affects the balance of the lower chakras. The obsidian makes us realize that we have to accept our challenges so that we can reach the light. Obsidian is also known as a deep soul mirror. He has the ability to bring hidden things from the subconscious into consciousness.

    • The Obsidian 12 Facet Phi Crystal immediately begins to work on and within us. We can feel him draining all non-serving energies from us. After a few minutes we can feel much lighter, freer, clearer, etc. As soon as we no longer perceive the energy flow, the obsidian has done his job and we can put him aside. Obsidian is a valuable black, volcanic crystal that is predestined to allow unhelpful energies to flow out of us immediately.

  • Rose-Quartz

    Vogel Crystals, Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

    • Rose-quartz is an important protection against radiation and stone for love. Rose quartz is a particularly important healing stone for the heart. This model gives you sensitivity and romance. He is the stone for the lovers, because it lets longings and desires are awakened. In particular, the susceptibility to love is strengthened by the rose quartz.

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