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Obsidian 12 Facet Phi Crystal

  • The 12 facet Obsidian Phi crystal takes us deep into our lives and allows us to view our experiences more consciously. He absorbs unhelpful negative energies and protects us from them. The black, volcanic glass primarily affects the balance of the lower chakras. The obsidian makes us realize that we have to accept our challenges so that we can reach the light. Obsidian is also known as a deep soul mirror. He has the ability to bring hidden things from the subconscious into consciousness.

  • The Obsidian 12 Facet Phi Crystal immediately begins to work on and within us. We can feel him draining all non-serving energies from us. After a few minutes we can feel much lighter, freer, clearer, etc. As soon as we no longer perceive the energy flow, the obsidian has done his job and we can put him aside. Obsidian is a valuable black, volcanic crystal that is predestined to allow unhelpful energies to flow out of us immediately.

Obsidian 12 Facet Phi Crystal

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