Har'Atora Pyramid

The Har’Atora quartz crystal phi pyramid is from the island of peace. This phi pyramid is available to us if we strive for holistic healing within ourselves and if we can forgive ourselves and the world. With Har'Atora, a deep cleansing flows through us, as if we were standing under this lukewarm waterfall on this tropical island and didn't want to leave this magical place. 
Everything that happens to us under the waterfall at this moment is too magical and peaceful. We wash every impurity with every water molecule. With the phi pyramid Har’Atora, purifying water energies flow through us from the source. Unnoticed, the hours pass peacefully in harmony in this energy. In her created energy, from the island of peace, we bathe in a feeling of carelessness and can take new steps towards the future without pain.

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Price on request.
The delivery time is usually between 1 and 3 months, but the exact delivery date is unknown.

Har'Atora Pyramid 8-sided

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