Carsten Metje 2017

Carsten Metje

Born April 30, 1962 Author, artist and freelancer
As a graduate engineer and successful manager, I started to question the meaning of life 30 years ago. In 2011 I made my way from the heart and turned to the intensive life with phi crystals to distribute them and my books worldwide as a freelancer and author.

***only in German available***
Wir sind Liebe
The holy grail of love. "We are love"
Conversations from heart to heart and soul to soul.
How do we deal with fear, depression and above all, how do we deal with our feelings ...
In this book, I publish from my own experience hints, tips and wisdom on how we can bring ourselves back into our hearts and our feelings before we fall into energy patterns and thereby create polarizing emotions instead of the we with ourselves , stay in us and in harmony with us. A soulful journey into our heart, into our feeling and into “We are love”.
I have brought myself back to my heart feelings and know almost all energy patterns and stumbling blocks that I was able to recognize and transform from heart to love on my way. So with this book I lead you to your heart in an emphatic way.

***only in German available***
Kultiviere Deine Gedanken
In 2005 my work "Cultivate Your Thoughts" was published for the first time in bookstores under the title "Thought go, thank you!" The topic of thoughts and their power, in the book "Cultivate Your Thoughts", retrospectively shaped and influenced my life. And I can only call to be very careful with our own thoughts. I now live my wisdom of all the thoughts that I wrote down in this book in 2004. This is entirely with the purpose of love.

Phi crystals - user manual
Me, Carsten Metje, pioneer and developer when it comes to energetic work and healing with phi crystals.
After a serious car accident in managerial times in 2002, it took me a while to find my way back to life. Various rehabilitation programs and my abstract painting helped me.
However, I only found holistic healing when I met the Phi crystals in 2013 and began to work with them in silence. I began to study and document the effects that meticulously. I still work with them in a purely intuitive way. I studied the various modes of action and the vibrations that showed up.
I perfected the handling and use of Phi crystals. So I now have a really detailed and structured user manual based on all my knowledge and experience.