Carsten Metje

Author, artist and freelancer

Pioneer and developer of energetic work and healing with phi crystals.

After a serious car accident in 2002, it took him a while to find his way back to life. Various rehabilitation programs and his painting helped him. He only found holistic healing when he encountered the phi crystals in 2012 and began to work with them in silence. He began to meticulously study and document the effects that emerged. To this day, he works with them purely intuitively. He studied the modes of action and the vibrations that appeared. He perfected the handling and use of phi crystals. So he has now created a really detailed user manual from all his knowledge and experience.

Through painful experiences, Carsten Metje has learned that many things he previously believed in have little to do with true reality. He was able to realize that it was love that could heal everything in him. He felt and perceived more about things that have little to do with the human 3D matrix and duality. He was consciously able to experience how his body transformed into a kind of subtle cloud in which he could no longer physically feel his body. He perceived himself in a completely different way and felt different energies flowing through him.

People with mediumship told him that they were angels. His belief in self-healing was strengthened by this experience and he now wants to share his knowledge about the path of self-healing with his readers. People who are interested in self-healing and self-discovery receive interesting books with exercises from Carsten Metje that are very valuable if you want to recognize the 3D matrix and duality in your own life, to learn to stop being polarized by it. His books are aimed primarily at spiritually inclined people who are ready and open to more knowledge.