Carsten Metje

Author, artist and freelancer
As a graduate engineer and successful manager, I started to question the meaning of life 30 years ago. In 2011 I made my way from the heart and turned to the intensive life with phi crystals to distribute them and my books worldwide as a freelancer and author.

Phi crystals - user manual
Me, Carsten Metje, pioneer and developer when it comes to energetic work and healing with phi crystals.
After a serious car accident in managerial times in 2002, it took me a while to find my way back to life. Various rehabilitation programs and my abstract painting helped me.
However, I only found holistic healing when I met the Phi crystals in 2013 and began to work with them in silence. I began to study and document the effects that meticulously. I still work with them in a purely intuitive way. I studied the various modes of action and the vibrations that showed up.
I perfected the handling and use of Phi crystals. So I now have a really detailed and structured user manual based on all my knowledge and experience.