24 Facet Phi Crystal

Description by Author La Vie

To the point. Acting and acting precisely without losing time, guided by the inner voice (heart), this crystal is energetically connected to the energy pathways of the monasteries in Tibet. He helps to build trust in himself and supports us in connecting with the wisdom of the entire cosmos in order to be able to act in a divine manner.

The 24 facet phi crystal is a wonderful heart opener. With 24 facets, twice as much light energy flows through the phi crystal as through a 12 facet phi crystal.

The 24 facet phi crystal has the same attributes as the 12 facet phi crystal and the following:

  • is predestined for opening the heart
  • used and applied in the heart chakra, wonderful effects and healing achievements
  • activates and harmonises the 24 DNA strands
  • stands for spiritual rebirth

The 24 facet phi crystal is particularly suitable for energetic healers to harmonise the heart chakra and bring it back into harmony and to open it widely, respectively and completely. The 24 facet phi crystal can also be used excellently for transformation efforts. It is only suitable for people who work with energy and healers.

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 170