Rutile Quartz

Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

The rutilated quartz is considered as a protective stone and a stone truth.

Synonyms for rutilated quartz

  1. Angel hair, hair stone, love arrow, needle stone, Saganit, Venus Hair


  1. Rutilated quartz is a rock crystal with needle-like inclusions of rutile.
  2. Rutile itself is a different mineral and was named in 1803 by Abraham Gottlob Werner. Its name derives from the Latin word "rutilus" for red or reddish from.
  3. Rutilated quartz called Venus Stone has always been and is considered a protective stone and stone truth.
  4. Of him it is, the more intense and golden inclusions of rutile are that he is the stronger in its effect.

Rutilated quartz applies always been spiritually protective stone and truth stone and should warn of bad energies, thoughts or falsehoods. Blockages, tension, oppressions, depression or anxiety can be solved with the help of rutilated quartz.
This healing stone brings hope, cheers and gives balance and vitality. but rutilated quartz also led to new ideas, showing new life concepts and can realize changes or goals confident. In this way the rutilated quartz enhances the spiritual and intellectual growth through to autonomy and self-realization. Even sleep and sexuality he can improve that.

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