12 Gate Phi Crystal

Description by Author La Vie

The 12 Gate Phi Crystals manage to take us back to the rational level and neutralize ourselves in a matter of seconds when strong and destructive self-emotions, such as foreign emotions, threaten to overwhelm us.
In the mere vicinity of the 12 Gate Phi Crystals, we manage to leave our emotions out and look relaxed at everything that surrounds us. Without evaluating it emotionally, but actually looking at it.
12 Gate Phi Crystals are energetically connected to the hot springs of the area around the volcano Heklain, in Iceland.
When emotionally overwhelmed, the 12 Gate Phi Crystals bring us back to calm and strength, they give us inner peace and harmony.

Author La Vie

The 21-12-33 phi crystal with 12 gates taps on what people call the frequency of the Elohim. This 12 gate phi crystal was also developed and commissioned by Carsten Metje. It has now found his users. It has all the features of the 33 facet phi crystal with special characteristic features. 

Attributes of the 21-12-33 phi crystal with 12 gates:

  • is the highest frequency of natural phi crystals
  • offers protection in the higher realms
  • supports medial channelling
  • stimulates the intellect and connects the hemispheres of the brain
  • establishes the connection to the 144-crystal lattice
  • activates the 12-strand DNA
  • opens gates of heaven and connects to the field of Elohim

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 178