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Tooth awareness

What does a natural, real rock crystal have in common with our teeth and our higher self?

  • The structure of tooth enamel is crystalline, which makes teeth shine slightly. Just like the rock crystals, they carry universal consciousness. This awareness indirectly influences the condition of the teeth. A dentist I know works with the knowledge of dental awareness in combination with natural rock crystals. We have found that certain real rock crystals are very useful in positively supporting treatments.
  • According to the principle of the light phi pyramid I developed with an increase in vibration in space through rock crystals ("phi light pyramid"), the practice was equipped with the Maha Cohan pyramids, Har'A'Tora pyramids and the rose quartz pyramids Cuore. This higher vibration can be perceived by particularly sensitive and high-vibration people through tingling in the body, feeling lightness, brightness in the room, mood improvement and warm heart feelings.
    Because of this phi light pyramid, the transformation work is simplified and energies flow more easily. Anyone who feels the need to connect with their higher self and with the earth guardian crystals, the primal source and the divine, universal consciousness can have Herkimer diamonds inserted into their teeth in suitable places.
    The effects of Herkimer diamonds are described in detail in my book Rock Crystals - Companions into a New Reality.
    The information about energetic protection and self-reflection is particularly used in transformation or tooth awareness.

Herkimer diamonds

  • Herkimer diamonds are the smallest, natural and uncut double-terminated rock crystals.
teeth and consciousness

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