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Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

144 Facet Phi Crystal Sophia - Self-Awareness and Out of Body Experience

144 Phi Crystal

The 144 Facet Phi Crystal is designed for and intended for people who are already on their way to their heart and are looking for new ways to arrive in the heart and to be stable in love and a loving mindset. It addresses people who believe in the power and omnipotence of natural clear quartz crystals and have worked with them for more than 5 years. Because, through the 144 Facet Phi-Crystal, our very own energies, which we are, are revealed to us. The human being, who gets to know himself more and more, through the everyday feeling, becomes aware of himself. He will definitely change his attitude of mind lovingly. Because, he will increasingly realize what he is doing with himself, what is not love. For this cognition, there are other books by me, which show and describe the essential energetic relationships of thought and our mental attitude. The reader can expect many familiar and unknown ways into self-knowledge, self-healing and self-healing powers, or into life from the heart. Above all, if the reader really sets out on his path to love heartily, then he / she will automatically enter higher consciousness, self-realization, and his / her self-healing powers waiting for us to enter they arrive. We are love and we are higher consciousness when our heart guides us. The 144 facet Phi Crystal is a wonderful tool that can energetically support us extremely.

144 Facet Harmony Phi Crystal - Self-Awareness and Introspection

144 Facet Phi Crystal. Description by Author La Vie - Sophia -

This unique Phi crystal with its 144 facets, which nestle so that we can dive down, dream, find total peace and go out of body experience. To meet our own gentleness and find ourselves.
Immerse yourself in the core to feel our own essence, defy the external influences, to finally be completely yourself.
Mild, wise, soulful and passionate ... lose ourselves in daydreams and make out of body experiences through conscious application.
Sophia, the gateway to another dimension.
Leaving the level of the third dimension can bring us healing, help us to recharge our batteries. It supports the soul to experience other spheres without losing strength, but to recover and return after such a journey.
Sophia has soaked her purity and particularly magical power over the years on the earthly sun on the most beautiful beach in Bali. So that she can lead us back to our origin today. So that we can recognize them, our wonderful essence.
This 144 phi crystal withstands all energies of a fast and stimulus-filled life. Isolates itself with its high vibrations and helps all those who open themselves to its vibrations, especially in places flooded with stimuli.
With it we can float away with our soul to find our salvation in higher vibrations.
This 144 Phi crystal is connected to the solar energy of innumerable suns from a wide variety of solar systems. It hides an unimaginable power that can create unearthly changes in the name of light in us.
Autorin La Vie

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