Solana Phi Crystal

Solana Phi Crystal Vogel Cut

  • The Solana 12 Facet Phi Crystals have the ability to radiate healing energies like a sun. They radiate this solar energy out of the flat surface of the Solana Phi crystal in a cone shape to initiate and set in motion everything that needs healing, purification, transformation and energy uplift. The Solana Phi Crystal is used after successful extraction and distributes its very beneficial energies and frequencies wherever we have extracted energies, so that these empty spaces are refilled with light and love (solar energy). Another property of the Solana Phi crystal is to overwrite everything that is artificially created in the air, for example, with love or to let it decay. We can simply point the Solana Phi crystal at the sky and everything that doesn't "fly around" in the sky will be overwritten with love.

The Solana Phi Crystal can be used for a variety of different applications. The following attributes are attributed to the Solana Phi crystal:

  1. helps with change and transformation
  2. alleviates and harmonises during energetic interventions
  3. fills extracted spots with light/energy (Blueprint)
  4. Deep cleansing and deep relaxation harmonizes and energetically
  5. fills empty spaces on a mental, emotional and physical level.

The Solana Phi Crystal works particularly well with:

  1. Maha Cohan Pyramid(s)
  2. Extraction Phi Crystals
  3. Quantum Leap Phi Crystal
  4. Heart Angel Phi Crystal
  5. Angel Feather Phi Crystal
  6. and others
Solana Phi Crystal

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