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Rose Quartz Pyramid Cuore 4-sided

Rose Quartz Pyramid Cuore 4 Sided

  • Rose Quartz Phi Pyramids are heart openers and lovingly bring out our empathic qualities.

Influence on existing Maha Cohan pyramids

  • If we add 4 rose quartz pyramids to the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, an even gentler and more loving energy is created, which resonates with our heart and expresses our empathy and self-love.

Children's Heart Inania Phi Light Pyramid

  • The Children's Heart Inania Phi Light Pyramid is the small version of the Inania Phi Light Pyramid. She is formed from 4 Maha Cohan and 4 Rose Quartz Phi pyramids. After we have set up the phi pyramids, the 8 energy streams of the individual Maha Cohan and rose quartz phi pyramids combine to form a children's heart Inania phi light pyramid. The energy of the children's heart Inania has a very subtle and gentle energetic effect on our hearts. We and our children can more easily perceive emerging heart feelings in order to express them honestly and authentically.

Rose Quartz Pyramid Cuore 4-sided

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