13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal

Description by author La Vie

The 13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal brings it to the point to bundle energies and use them purposefully. A very pragmatic energy flows through the 13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal, an energy that connects with the divine to achieve goals easily and simply. He draws his strength from the geysers in Iceland and clear mental energies flow through him like magical threads of energy, so as not to let unnecessary emotions hold us back on our way. The 13-20-33 Facet Phi Crystal is perfect for times when worldly things need to be pushed forward. Author La Vie

The 13-20-33 facet phi crystal taps into what is called the order of Melchizedek of alpha and omega from the human point of view. Its energy, in this unique proportion, is infused within it. It can be called the vibration of Melchizedek.

The 13-20-33 facet phi crystal has the following attributes:

  • nourishes, heals and taps into the proportions and frequencies of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions
  • brings in the Divine Feminine
  • bears all the attributes of the 33 facet phi crystal, with a special characteristic features
  • dissolves emotional trauma
  • clears up blockages
  • heals and enables the clear functioning of the endocrine system
  • helps to clarify karmic relationships
  • works especially well with the 5 gates phi crystal

The 13-20-33 facet phi crystal is suited for energetically working people and healers.

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 172