Dorje / Vajra

Phi Dorje / Vajra

Dorje or Vajra

The Dorje is a Buddhist ritual instrument with a very long tradition and history. It is used for aura and room cleaning and Dorje clear quartz crystal are popular with their powerful energy vibration in Tibetan doctors healing instruments.
Dorje / Vajra of clear quartz crystal are also so-called diamond Dorje, they have a very high energy and vibration information. Buddhists consider him a symbol of the path to enlightenment. In normal Dorje / Vajra symbolize two by four clasps the eight virtues of Buddhism. The four ways to look at the outside world and the four-way inside. The special significance is attributed to the Inner Path: According to Tibetan Buddhism, the Inner Path enables the transformation and perfection of man and thus leads to an expansion of consciousness.
Dorje / Vajra is translated as a thunderbolt or scepter. Dorje also means indestructible diamond or Lord of the stones. He has two power poles, male-female, yin yang ... which means that between the two poles of energy can flow. Depending on how the Dorje is held energy can be supplied to or derived. This works both in humans, as well as the energizing of food and space energizing.
The Dorje is a symbol of the steadfast, masculine principle, which is the path to enlightenment. His twice four clasps represent the eightfold Buddhist path. In India it is called Vajra (Indian, pronounced "Wadschra") Most are Dorje brass or bronze. A special force have Dorje from clear quartz crystal or other precious stones.


The clear quartz crystal Dorje serves the transformation. It is used for space and aura cleansing, can dissolve energy blocks and is also often used in meditation.
Other applications:

  1. Buddhist symbolism
  2. Ritual object
  3. Use as a protective symbol and object of meditation
  4. Room and aura cleansing, energy work

The clear quartz crystal Dorje harmonize our chakras and brings our body wraps, ie energy body gradually to a higher energy level and thus brings us healing energy to. Regular meditation with the clear quartz crystal Dorje, this state is reached over a longer period and is then visible on the physical level. The own strength and power, ie energy intensifies, externally recognizable by bright eyes and a palpable charisma, which simultaneously raises awareness.


The interpretation of the Dorje, as a sign of the transformation that reach far back into pre-Buddhist, shamanic times: At that time you had the astronomical and astrological conception that the Dorje is a cosmic symbol of the constellation of Orion, which the "seat of the supreme deity" and as a "bringer of knowledge" applies.

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