Sirius Pyramid

In this special Sirius pyramid, four powerful energies enter via her tip, crown, in order to be distributed harmoniously. In this way she brings our Ying and Yang into harmony from all sides. 
The Sirius pyramid has her origins in the Nordic regions. Hidden deep under millions of layers of ice, she is connected to the power from the core of our planet Earth. 
With which our good nature, like a divine mixture of wisdom and strength, is balanced. For the protection of the collective, nature and everything loving in the sky tent, the duality is suspended. 
The Sirius Pyramid is there to change our world in love with a special transformation energy from the core of our essence and our existence.

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The delivery time is usually between 1 and 3 months, but the exact delivery date is unknown.

Sirius Pyramid 4-sided with Crown and Base

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