Vogel Cut Sets

Small Phi-Crystal Grid Set


  • 1x natural quartz crystal 12 facets
  • 1x natural quartz crystal 24 facets

Extraction 2100 Set


  • 1x King Phi Crystal with Blue Rutiles
  • 1x Butler Phi crystal with 4-fold cut
  • 1x Phi Crystals User Manual
  • 1x script with exercises

The 21st Century Phi Crystals Extraction Kit

For the easy and simple extraction of the 21st century, where we gently and delicately feel into the extraction, two different phi crystals are needed. One, larger, is the King Phi crystal, which must contain blue rutile (angel feathers, angel hair) and the other is a clear, smaller, Butler Phi crystal. With this New Era Extraction 2100 Set and with the energies that surround us, we can easily and simply extract unhelpful energies (blockages, trauma, disharmony, etc.).

We call it; "Extraction 2100"

Vogel Cut, Phi Crystal Set

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