33 Facet Phi Crystal

Description by author La Vie

Creating connections that do good and pursue the same goals. Find like-minded people to enjoy life and not get lost in the haze of resentment. The 33 Facet Phi Crystal helps us to push dark clouds aside and to see them clearly in order to find like-minded people or to be found by us, everything that strives for and animates something good. A very powerful phi crystal that simply pushes foreign energies aside. Connected to the source of the Big Bang. It is suitable for energy work with just one person. Because he connects with it like an avatar.
Autorin La Vie

The 33 facet phi crystal works at the level of human nature. It brings in the desire for unconditional love.

The 33 facet phi crystal has the following properties:

  • clarity
  • compassion
  • understanding of the unity of humanity
  • clarification on obstacles on the spiritual path
  • taps into the 5th dimension

The 33 facet phi crystal is very well suited for energetically working people and healers.

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 171