Maha Cohan Pyramid
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut
  • Maha Cohan Pyramid Vogel Cut

Maha Cohan Pyramid


The Maha Cohan pyramids are ritual crystals to activate our intuitive power. So that we can freely and without influence put this strength and power into heavenly projects that help our world, when changing into a future full of glories, without materialism. The Maha Cohan pyramids are connected to the original energy of the Andes, which know how to act in a pure and clear way.
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Maha Cohan Pyramid

Application 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids

4 Maha Cohan pyramids When setting up 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, the energy level and the light vibration in our apartment, our house, a building or our garden is increased very pleasantly, so that e.g. dark entities (ghosts, demons, witches, etc.) can no longer stay there and leave voluntarily. Furthermore, unhelpful and low-vibrating energies are reflected, which would normally hit us energetically from the outside. In the energetic field of the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, they constantly reflect our unhelpful thoughts that are still working in us, so that we can lovingly accept them and bring them into harmony. Everything that the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids show us is divinely intended. It is possible that, especially at the beginning, we are presented with a great many unhelpful thoughts that require harmony. Here we can trust and learn to accept that what they reflect to us are our own challenges. Our disharmony is shown to us as long as we carry it within us.
The 4 Maha Cohan pyramids build up a protective energy field, resulting in an energetically pure and clear space (large light pyramid) that shows us our behavior unfiltered. At the moment they are a simple and effective way for us to protect ourselves energetically from the outside and to increase our own light quotient. With the installation of the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids, a feel-good atmosphere is created, an oasis of high-vibrating light. We get back to our heart feelings much faster and perceive everything that has a vibration. Above all, what vibration we have ourselves. Within the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids we can more easily achieve a high light quotient and keep it at a high level.

Field report 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids

We placed four Maha Cohan pyramids in a house over 100 years old where very dark energies and "spirits" resided. Already on the 3rd day, two of the "spirits" appeared energetically, hovering over the house and confusedly observing the large pyramid of light that was being formed. The "spirits" no longer dared to float into the house. We took care of the "spirits" and helped them return to a darker level because they could not tolerate light.

3 months later.

The decision was made to position (bury) the 4 Maha Cohan pyramids set up in the house in the garden. We roamed the garden and felt in our hearts where the Maha Cohan Pyramids would best take their place. Four smaller holes (approx. 15 cm deep) were dug in an approx. 25m x 25m square. Two of them in close proximity to older trees. When we selected the first Maha Cohan pyramid and laid it in the ground together, a mental image immediately emerged of how the light-filled energy paths of the Maha Cohan pyramid were root-like entangled with the environment. The energy level increases immediately. We went to the second small hole, chose a Maha Cohan pyramid and put it in. Immediately we could perceive an energy line to the first pyramid and how the pyramid with its light-wool energy lines spread out in the area like a root. The third Maha Cohan pyramid was placed about 1m next to an old walnut tree in the ground. The tree and pyramid immediately became entangled with their light energy pathways and with the environment. In addition, a light connection to the first and another to the second Maha Cohan pyramid, which was already in the earth, were immediately established. This light pyramid triangle already radiated a strong sensitive energy. With the fourth Maha Cohan Pyramid we completed the Light Rectangle. The 4th pyramid was laid in the ground at the entrance to the property next to a chestnut, an old guardian tree that claimed the pyramids. The Guardian Tree immediately connected to all Maha Cohan Pyramids.
In a short time, a large pyramid of light built up through the four Maha Cohan pyramids, which are all connected to one another and to each other. The whole garden in an area of approx. 25m x 25m was now outshone with a large light pyramid. These wonderful energies could be felt immediately. The energy level has been increased many times over. The house located in the great pyramid of light has started to glow.
Once we are in the Great Pyramid of Light we feel ONE with ALL. Outside the Pyramid of Light we feel as ONE in our body. The large pyramid of light gives us energetic protection and feelings of security, peace, harmony and love. The field of the four Maha Cohan pyramids can be aligned to approx. 30 x 30 m, i.e. approx. 1000 square meters.

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Data sheet

The pyramids (Vogel Cut) made of natural quartz crystal are natural products and therefore each offered and cut pyramid is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color impurities are natural and completely normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Quartz Crystal
Phi Crystal Lucidity
*** more than 60 % pure. Very clear with phantoms and or inclusions
Weight in g approx.
Length in mm approx.
High in mm ca.
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China