Vogel Crystal Exercise Extraction

Above all, from energetically working people who work according to ancient and well-known rituals and customs, it is usually required and desired that an extraction phi crystal should have a length of more than 100 mm, better yet more than 120 mm. 
The experiences made by Carsten Metje do not confirm this statement. Even smaller phi crystals of 80 mm are also excellent extraction-healing wands. 
Therefore, it is important to rely on your intuition. If you are open to new things, you will also learn something new.

  1. Warm-up: Meditation
  2. Focusing your intention:

    Healing by extraction
  3. Spiritual Exercise: 

    Peacefully hold the phi crystal still in your dominant hand with 2 or 3 fingers, depending on your intuition, and wait patiently until you feel the energy emerge. The phi crystal is energetically able to find everything that is not love, so let it hover over and around your body until powerful and vibrating energies become noticeable. Communicate with your phi crystal and listen to what needs to be done. If the phi crystal has found an energy to be extracted, the energetic treatment can begin. 
With an extraction exercise, you energetically pull the non-useful energy out of the body with your phi crystal in a spiral motion, so to speak. 
The spiral extraction begins with a circle over the location to be extracted. The size of the starting circle can be designed intuitively. Counter-clockwise, the non-useful energy or blockage will now be pulled in a spiral motion out of the body, with the circles getting smaller and smaller. 
At a distance of about 30 - 5050 cmcm from the starting point, or when the spiral ends in a point, the phi crystal is abruptly held away from the body and shaken (energetically cleaned) to immediately remove the absorbed energies from it. 
These energies can be given off e.g. into the violet flame. Here, the user is free to choose where they wants to give off this inopportune energy.
    Repeat this movement/exercise until relief occurs or the phi crystal tells you that all inappropriate blocking energy has been removed. And... always cleanse the phi crystal by simply shaking it immediately.
    After a short 2-5 minute break, the energetic backfill of the empty location with light and love, resulting from the extraction, takes place.
    Go into the intention of love and call light and love from the source to you. Now let the energy flow from the source with the phi crystal to the empty spot to fill it up.
    To do this, begin with the previously mentioned exercise from a distance of 30 - 50 cm above the extracted area. In a clockwise direction starting with large circles, move the phi crystal point-wise and spirally to the point just extracted, which can now be filled with love and light. Repeat this exercise until no more energies flow through the phi crystal, or until the phi crystal tells you that the spot has been filled with light and love.
  4. Perception and Effect:

    Be careful. Carry out this exercise until the extracted area feels extended, relieved, harmonised and in tune. This energetic extraction exercise can leave fatigue and an energetic healing pain, just like an operation where your energetic body shells were touched. As in real life, a healing pain is completely normal and disappears after a short time.
  5. End:

    Cleanse your phi crystal using the Melek Metatron Method. The phi crystal is a wonderful extraction healing wand. 
The knowledge of extraction is present in the phi crystal.
    Figure 37: Exercise: Extraction
    Figure 37: Exercise: Extraction

Source: Phi Crystal User Manual, Page 128-130 Order