9 Gates

Phi Crystals in Vogel Cut Design

9 Gate Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut

9 Gate Phi Crystals have the ability to connect to the energies of the interstices and or the void. They effectively remove disharmony and non-beneficial elements wherever they appear. 9 Gate Phi Crystals are harmony processor crystals. Therefore, they are a wonderful tool for man on the way to harmony.

The extended generation of standard Phi crystals with a 3-fold cut is the 4-fold 9 Gate Phi Crystal that can be used for energetic interventions. This novel and four-fold cut developed by us brings out completely new pulsating energies that do not occur in normal Phi crystals. The 4-fold cut 9 Gate Phi Crystal ensures that it is charged in the female receiving tip, like a capacitor, to simultaneously fire all light energies as a pulse when fully charged, much like a pulsed laser beam. He acts like an energetic light-energy-impulse-generator, which sends bundled energetic light-energy-flashes. This bundled light-momentum energy can be energetically sent into disharmony of our body. Which, when it has hit the disharmony, spreads around it like an energetic light-energy cloud that can harmonize, dissolve and / or renew all affected cells. This impulse-energy-cloud disintegrates everything that is not useful and renews everything that needs renewal.

The 9 Gate Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut is suitable for people and users who have been dedicated to the study of Phi crystal for a long time, and have their experience with quartz and Phi crystals, so that they are able to work in synergy with the Phi crystal to go.

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