Ametrine Gandalf 9 Gate Phi Crystal 141g Vogel Cut
  • Ametrine Gandalf 9 Gate Phi Crystal 141g Vogel Cut

Ametrine Gandalf 9 Gate Phi Crystal 141g


Phi Crystal Ametrine Gandalf.
Description by author La Vie

Perfection, Gandalf.
Step by step with Gandalf connect the soul with the divine
without being overwhelmed by all the supernatural energies and possibly becoming unable to act.
With a lot of wisdom and carefully follow a divine plan
to bring it to perfection so that your own soul can find peace.
Gandalf draws its original energy from an inactive volcano in Europe,
a volcano in which it continues to boil.
One of the most energetic Phi Crystals is Gandalf,
so that great things can be created in the world
and that we can defy all the darkness of this world with all his might,
he finds his way into our lives.
To make peace in the end. With our soul.
He comes into our lives so that our soul plan can be brought to perfection.
Gandalf supports us on our heavenly path.
Autorin La Vie

Weight ca. 141 g
Length ca. 100 mm
Diameter ca. 22-33 mm


Ametrine Gandalf 9 Gate Phi Crystal

9-27-9-9 Facet Phi Crystal - Double Terminated 

The name of this beautiful Ametrine Phi crystal is Gandalf.
9 Gate Phi Crystals have the ability to connect to the energies of the interstices and or the void. They effectively remove disharmony and non-beneficial elements wherever they appear. 9 Gate Phi Crystals are harmony phi crystals. Therefore, they are a wonderful tool for man on the way to harmony.
The 9-27-9-9 Facet Phi Crystal is suitable for people and users who have been studying phi crystal for some time, and have gained experience with quartz and phi crystals so that they are able to achieve synergy with them. This 9-27-9-9 Facet Phi-Crystal is cleansed and charged and can be used immediately.
You get exactly this fourfold faceting dream phi crystal pictured here.

Ametrine Phi Crystal

The Ametrine is attributed to a particularly gentle and balancing effect on the soul. He gives the user a harmonious balance and brings inner contradictions in harmony.
It is attributed to the zodiac sign of Libra and Virgo With its balancing effect. Ametrine is a two-colored quartz of silicon with traces of aluminum and iron. He holds two strong stones to the violet amethyst and yellow-brown Citrine. By a freak of nature, these two quartz gemstones were united in Ametrine. Thereby he also received his name because Ametrine is a derivative of amethyst and citrine.


It is so that each crystal itself is unique. Some types of quartz, such as smoke and rutile, quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each piece will carry additional and specialized aspects. The user must take each sample to know its characteristics. Water clear quartz is different from quartz with inclusions.


Data sheet

Ametrine Vogel Cut Phi Crystal
Number of Facets
Number of Gates
Weight in g approx.
Length in mm approx.
Diameter in mm approx.
- Earth healing and grounding - deep cleaning at all levels - Harmonizing on mental, emotional and physical level - balancing disharmony e.g. male / female
Use for
- Heart opener
- energetic interventions at all levels
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China