Amethyst Phi Crystal Rainbow 12 Facets
  • Amethyst Phi Crystal Rainbow 12 Facets

Amethyst Phi Crystal Rainbow 12 Facets


12 Facets 
Weight ca. 50 g 
Length ca. 88 mm 
Diameter ca. 17 - 21 mm


Amethyst Phi Crystal Rainbow


This Amethyst Phi Crystal with 50 g is still light and graceful in shape. She is beautiful and graceful in its balanced form.
This double terminated healing wand Phi crystal with facets 12 is cleaned and charged and can be used immediately. You will get exactly this pictured Phi Crystal.


Amethyst is known to purify the body and soul and it gives inner peace so can be used especially well for skin care and to help against migraines. Amethyst has particularly purifying abilities on the mind. Amethyst can clarify all superfluous thoughts and sensations.
Used in meditation, it stimulates intuition. It can simply be viewed or used with the crown chakra. Amethyst gives you more devotion and confidence in life, more warmth, more peace and harmony, and can let your problems be seen and resolved more in advance.

12 Facet Phi Crystal

The 12 facet phi crystal bears the following attributes:

  1. works on the level of human nature
  2. 12 initializes the awakening of man on the material and conscious levels
  3. stands for strength
  4. stands for will
  5. stands for endurance
  6. stands for transformation
  7. strengthens the desire for understanding
  8. activates and harmonizes the 12 DNA strands
  9. accesses the 12 electromagnetic consciousness patterns within the duality


It is so that each crystal, which is formed of natural quartz itself is unique. Some types of quartz, such as smoke and rutile, quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each piece will carry additional and specialized aspects. The user must take each sample to know its characteristics. Water clear quartz is different from quartz with inclusions.

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