Smoky Merlin 144 Facet Phi Crystal Vogel Cut
  • Smoky Merlin 144 Facet Phi Crystal Vogel Cut

Smoky Merlin 144 Facet Phi Crystal

144 Facet Phi Crystal
Weight ca. 111 g 
Length ca. 85 mm 
Diameter ca. 22-34 mm


Smoky Merlin 144 Facet Phi Crystal

The 144 Facet Phi Crystal is designed for and intended for people who are already on their way to their heart and are looking for new ways to arrive in the heart and to be stable in love and a loving mindset. It addresses people who believe in the power and omnipotence of natural clear quartz crystals and have worked with them for more than 5 years. Because, through the 144 Facet Phi-Crystal, our very own energies, which we are, are revealed to us. The human being, who gets to know himself more and more, through the everyday feeling, becomes aware of himself. He will definitely change his attitude of mind lovingly. Because, he will increasingly realize what he is doing with himself, what is not love.

For this cognition, there are other books by me, which show and describe the essential energetic relationships of thought and our mental attitude. The reader can expect many familiar and unknown ways into self-knowledge, self-healing and self-healing powers, or into life from the heart. Above all, if the reader really sets out on his path to love heartily, then he / she will automatically enter higher consciousness, self-realization, and his / her self-healing powers waiting for us to enter they arrive. We are love and we are higher consciousness when our heart guides us.

The 144 facet Phi Crystal is a wonderful phi crystal that can energetically support us extremely.
The 13-8-12 Facet Phi Crystal with 8 Gates commissioned and developed by us works particularly well with the 144 Facet Phi Crystal, providing a very powerful harmonic energy.

The 144 facet Ph crystal is one of the highest vibrating crystals ever. He can transmit to us, through our own loving intention alone, higher consciousness or the Source Light Intelligence, so that it flows into us or becomes activated in us. This double ended 144 facet phi crystal is purified and charged ready to use. You will receive exactly this phi crystal shown here.

Smoky quartz is said to have the following attributes; 

  1. Helpful so that the fog slowly clears again,
  2. solves internal stresses is a classic anti-stress crystal
  3. helps when you need energy to recharge yourself
  4. increases total exercise tolerance, so that you can overcome resistance with self confidence.

Little retreat

We take the 144 phi crystal into our dominant hand (see picture below) and move into a meditative state. With our loving intention we call the light of the source and ask it to spread in us. These very high vibrations and powerful energies then flow through our entire body. It can happen that we suddenly get scared and tense. Here it is important to believe in the light of the source and to trust the vibrations that occur. We should not increase the fear in us or enter into it. It makes sense to ask immediately to expose the causes of this fear in us and make them visible in order to lead them into healing.
Here we can carefully trust our intuition and feelings and follow them.

144 Facet Phi Crystal Exercise

144 Facet Phi Crystal. Description by Author La Vie

The 144 facet Phi crystal with its unique energies that cuddle, allow us to dream and find peace to meet our own gentleness and ourselves. With it we dive into our core to feel our essence, to defy external influences, so that we are completely ourselves again. Gentle, wise, soulful and passionate... he lets us lose ourselves in daydreams and, through conscious use, experience astral travel. The 144 facet Phi crystal is the gateway to another dimension. Leaving the level of the third dimension can bring us healing and help us regain the strength we need. With him and our soul we can float away to find our salvation in higher vibrations. It supports us in having experiences in other spheres without losing strength, but returning refreshed and wise after such a journey. The 144 facet Phi crystal has gained its purity and particularly magical power over the years from the sun on the most beautiful beach in Bali. So that today he can lead us back to our origins and we can recognize our wonderful essence. The 144 facet Phi crystal can withstand all the energies of a fast-paced and overstimulated life. He isolates himself with his high vibrations and helps all those who open themselves to his vibrations, especially in places that are flooded with stimuli. The 144 facet Phi crystal is connected to the solar energy of countless suns from various solar systems. There is an unimaginable power hidden in him that is able to create unearthly changes in us in the name of light.
Autorin La Vie


It is so that each crystal that is made of natural quartz is unique in itself.
Some types of quartz, such as smoky and rutile quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each phi crystal will carry additional and specialized aspects. The user has to test every single phi crystal in order to get to know its characteristics. Water-clear quartz is different from a phi crystal with inclusions.
The Phi crystals are natural products and therefore every Phi crystal offered here is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color imperfections are natural and completely normal.

General attributes

All Phi crystals carry the general attributes of clear and natural quartz. They can:

  1. Amplify energies
  2. Focus energies
  3. receive and send
  4. save and restore
  5. Transform or refine light waves
  6. Transmitting Thought Frequencies
  7. Merge vibrations
  8. emit a vibrational field

These properties are reflected by all Phi crystals.


Data sheet

The Vogel Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Smoky Quartz
Phi Crystal Lucidity
***** more than 90 % pure. Very clear with a few tiny inclusions/phantoms
Number of Facets
Weight in g approx.
Length in mm approx.
Diameter in mm approx.
- Channeling and receive and send messages
- Earth healing and grounding
- Harmonizing on mental, emotional and physical level
- Heart opener
- Manifesting
- balancing disharmony e.g. male / female
- deep cleaning at all levels
- energetic interventions on all levels
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China