Viviane 6 Gate Phi Crystal
  • Viviane 6 Gate Phi Crystal

Viviane 6 Gate Phi Crystal


12 - 6 - 18 Facets
Weight ca. 130 g 
Length ca. 133 mm
Diameter ca. 15 - 32 mm


Viviane 6 Gate Phi Crystal

12-6-18 Facet Phi Crystal - Double Terminated -

This 12-6-24 phi crystal cuts in both ways, revealing our own true motives and conflicts as well as those of others. The Phi crystal Viviane has small inclusions but is otherwise very, very clear. This phi crystal with 12-6-18 facets / sides is cleaned and charged and can be used immediately. You will receive exactly this phi crystal shown here.

6 Gate Phi Crystal

The 6 gate phi crystal taps into what is called the epoch of Avalon and Atlantis from the point of view of humanity. Much of the experience-based information from Atlantis radiates from these 6 gate phi crystals. 
It is expected that the overarching effects of these 6 gates phi crystals will be to increase and expand the openings to knowledge about Atlantic light technologies and spiritual practices. 
The 6 gate phi crystal can also be experienced as an entire body of energy that radiates outwards and expands the user's energy field (aura).

The 6 gate phi crystal has the following characteristics:

  1. is very effective in helping with relationship issues
  2. reveals the inner motives of the user
  3. helps to purify conflicts within the higher self
  4. helps in the revelation and removal of what we call the spiritual ego
  5. effectively overrides energies of jealousy, need for control and anger directed towards the user by someone else
  6. in particular, it purifies and balances the 2, 3, 4, and 5 chakras, so that body and mind are better connected and in communication
  7. adds information, feelings, and knowledge required to handle the reconfigured and healed matrix

The 6 gate phi crystal must be used wisely and in compassion.


It is so that each crystal that is made of natural quartz is unique in itself.
Some types of quartz, such as smoky and rutile quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each phi crystal will carry additional and specialized aspects. The user has to test every single phi crystal in order to get to know its characteristics. Water-clear quartz is different from a phi crystal with inclusions.
The Phi crystals are natural products and therefore every Phi crystal offered here is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color imperfections are natural and completely normal.

12 Facet Phi Crystal

Description by Author La Vie
The 12 facet phi crystal brings absolute clarity to our life, without blocking out emotions, but to be able to recognize us very clearly.
For this, the phi crystal with the heavenly twelve facets exists, so that, with its full range of facets, we can finally live in us and enjoy our essence. Combined with the flowing water of the Iguazú waterfalls in Brazil, a special energy of purity flows through us when we work with him.
Autorin La Vie

The 12 facet phi crystal bears the following attributes:

  • works on the level of human nature
  • 12 initialises the awakening of man on the material and conscious levels
  • stands for strength
  • stands for will
  • stands for endurance
  • stands for transformation
  • strengthens the desire for understanding
  • activates and harmonises the 12 DNA strands
  • accesses the 12 electromagnetic consciousness patterns within the duality

In general, the 12 facet phi crystal is quite sufficient for people and users who are just beginning to study phi crystals. Energetic healers can start with a 12 facet phi crystal to feel if it’s natural to work with them.

18 Facet Phi Crystal

  1. The 18 facet phi crystal has all the features of the 12 facet phi crystal and the following additional attributes:
  2. stands for the subconscious
  3. stands for our shadow issues and warns against deception and fraud
  4. reveals lies, ignorance, fears (even primitive fears) and selfishness
  5. can visualise images of the soul
  6. helps you make your own and free choices

The 18 facet phi crystal is a wonderful tool for energetic healers in applying the mentioned attributes. 
The 18 facet phi crystal is suitable for people and users who have been studying phi crystal for some time, and have gained experience with quartz and phi crystals so that they are able to achieve synergy with them.

General attributes

All Phi crystals carry the general attributes of clear and natural quartz. They can:

  1. Amplify energies
  2. Focus energies
  3. receive and send
  4. save and restore
  5. Transform or refine light waves
  6. Transmitting Thought Frequencies
  7. Merge vibrations
  8. emit a vibrational field

These properties are reflected by all Phi crystals.


Data sheet

The Vogel Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Quartz Crystal
Phi Crystal Lucidity
**** more than 80 % pure. Very clear with inclusions
Extra Charge
Fullmoon 2022-01-18
Number of Facets
Number of Gates
Weight in g approx.
Length in mm approx.
Diameter in mm approx.
- Earth healing and grounding - deep cleaning at all levels - Harmonizing on mental, emotional and physical level - balancing disharmony e.g. male / female
Use for
- Extraction Phi Crystal
- Heart opener
- manifesting
- receiving and sending messages and channeling
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China