Sirius Pyramid 4-sided with crown and base 358g
  • Sirius Pyramid 4-sided with crown and base 358g

Sirius Pyramid 4-sided with crown and base 358g


In this special Sirius pyramid, four powerful energies enter via her tip, crown, in order to be distributed harmoniously. In this way she brings our Ying and Yang into harmony from all sides. 
The Sirius pyramid has her origins in the Nordic regions. Hidden deep under millions of layers of ice, she is connected to the power from the core of our planet Earth. 
With which our good nature, like a divine mixture of wisdom and strength, is balanced. For the protection of the collective, nature and everything loving in the sky tent, the duality is suspended. 
The Sirius Pyramid is there to change our world in love with a special transformation energy from the core of our essence and our existence.                             
Autorin La Vie

Pyramid 4-sided with crown and base

  1. Weight ca. 358 g
    Base ca. 312 g, Crown ca. 46 g
  2. High ca. 50 mm
    Base ca. 26 mm, Crown ca. 25 mm
  3. Diameter
    Base ca. 82 - 115 mm, Crown ca. 40 - 55 mm

Sirius Pyramid

4-sided with crown and base

The 4-sided Sirius pyramid is a 2-part pyramid with a base and a rotating crown. She recognizes all the unhelpful energies, e.g. Injuries, poisoning and pain from past incarnations, as well as disharmonies, fears, foreign energies etc. that are in us and also those that are present in their environment. Sensitive and empathetic people will perceive how all unhelpful energies are immediately addressed with the Sirius pyramid.
When we believe in it and go into synergy with it, physical dissonances, with our permission and consent, are harmonized and balanced or transformed. It is predestined for people who want to get into love from the heart and into their crystalline consciousness, as it shows us our disharmonies and makes them tangible. Depending on what kind of unserviceable energy it is, it can be transformed immediately or gradually. Means and tools may still be used to which the Sirius pyramid draws our attention (e.g. using certain herbs or healing practices).

Sirius Pyramid

It is always up to us what we make of the energies that are revealed to us or of our faith. The Sirius pyramid is a divine unit that functions in itself, which permanently illuminates (scans) the environment and tries to transform all non-useful energies.
Which is wisely not to be equated with the fact that we no longer have to work on ourselves.
The Sirius pyramid creates its effect by the fact that it has a certain percentage of inclusions and / or phantoms.
These must be present in every Sirius pyramid in order to individually filter the four incoming energy flows. Only this coordinated and filtered light energy makes it possible for dissonances to be brought into harmony with empathy. In a very clear Sirius pyramid there would be no or significantly less turbulence, so that the 4 energy currents are amplified at the moment and hit us unfiltered like lightning.
The inclusions and / or phantoms of the Sirius pyramid create a kind of large energetic fireball below it, which transforms everything that is not useful. If we believe in this energetic fireball and encounter the Sirius pyramid with humility, all of our inefficient energies will be transformed if we allow and consent.


It is so that each crystal, which is formed of natural quartz itself is unique. Some types of quartz, such as smoke and rutile, quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each piece will carry additional and specialized aspects. Water clear quartz is different from quartz with inclusions. The Phi pyramid is a natural product and therefore the Phi pyramid offered here is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color impurities are natural and completely normal.


  1. they can strengthen and focus energies
  2. they can receive and transmit
  3. they can store and restore
  4. they transform or refine light waves
  5. they transmit thought-vibrations
  6. they combine vibrations
  7. they send out a vibration field

In fact, all the phi crystals reinforce these properties.


Data sheet

The pyramids (Vogel Cut) made of natural quartz crystal are natural products and therefore each offered and cut pyramid is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color impurities are natural and completely normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Quartz Crystal
Phi Crystal Lucidity
*** more than 60 % pure. Very clear with phantoms and or inclusions
Weight in g approx.
Base 312g + Crown 46g
High in mm ca.
Base 26mm + Crown 25mm
Diameter in mm approx.
Crown 40-55mm + Base 82-115mm
Use for
You get a phi pyramid script
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China