Pharaoh Smoky Quartz 13 Facet Phi Crystal
  • Pharaoh Smoky Quartz 13 Facet Phi Crystal

Pharaoh Smoky Quartz 13 Facet Phi Crystal


13 Facets 
Weight ca. 93 g 
Length ca. 125 mm 
Diameter ca. 17 - 25 mm


Pharao Smoky Quartz Phi Crystal

Very, very clear cutted 13 Facet Phi Crystal

Phi Crystal Pharaoh as the name of this smoky quartz crystal. Phi-crystal pharaoh so the name of this smoky quartz rock crystal. Smoky Quartz Pharaoh is a phi crystal that carries beautiful phantoms. This Smoke Quartz Phi Crystal will help you on your way to becoming the true being that you are. It is a very beautiful and very, very clear smoky Phi crystal, unique and mysterious in its charisma, hence its name Pharaoh. A smoky quartz for a person who has an affinity to Egypt, this phi crystal is a special choice. The Smoky Quartz Phi-Crystal Pharaoh connects you to the Pharaoh's era. The phi-crystal pharaoh is very, very clear with beautiful phantoms in it, as can be seen in the pictures. It is a beautiful smoky quartz Phi Crystal in his charisma and shape.

Due to its length of 125mm it is particularly suitable for extraction!

Once centered, use both hands to hold the phi crystal between your thumb, forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger.
You hold the phi crystal so that it is the third eye, so to speak, and your thumbs and fingers show the eyes. You sit and hold the phi-crystal with the base, wider end facing Mother Earth, so that the sending tip flows past your third eye.
Go deep inside and wait until you feel the first energies. Intensify this exercise through deep and very relaxed inhalation, using e.g. to allow words or affirmations to flow in your mind while inhaling.
Beautiful energies begin to surround you. Now turn the Phi Crystal 180 ° in front of you so that the sending tip now points to Mother Earth. You keep breathing deeply and feel the energies harmonizing and being balanced. Again and again, intuitively turn the Phi crystal 180 ° as long as energy flows.
And .... try what you feel when you point the sending tip right into your third eye.

Smoky quartz is said to have the following attributes;

  1. Helpful so that the fog slowly clears again,
  2. solves internal stresses
  3. is a classic anti-stress crystal
  4. helps when you need energy to recharge yourself
  5. increases total exercise tolerance, so that you can overcome resistance with self confidence.

This double terminated healing wand smoky Phi crystal with 13 facets is cleaned and charged and ready for use.
You get exactly this Phi Crystal, as pictured.


Extraction is a shamanic healing treatment that refers to the physical plane.
Shamanic extraction means an energetic cleaning of the client's energy body by sucking out tug, Intimidate or other shamanic activities.
The offered Phi Crystals are excellent for the extraction of shamans. It is very important to note in this context that not everyone is able to perform a shamanic healing session for yourself.

Phi Crystals integrate the profound energies of clear quartz with sacred geometry 12 through 144 facets of the extraction wand. The extraction wand is ideally suited for work in healing, manifestation, meditation and extraction.
The wider, larger end of the Phi Crystal extraction wand is the female receptive end.
Phi Crystal extraction wands are exquisite and extraordinary instruments for energy work, are very energetic and provide an intense concentration and amplification of focused energy. These are very delicate and very elegant instruments.

13 facet phi crystal

The 13 facets phi crystal carries all the features of the 12 facets phi crystal and in addition the following:

  1. in meditation he connects with earlier lives
  2. stands for change and liberation
  3. represents the sacred feminine
  4. stands for extraction effortsThe 13 facets phi crystal is a wonderful tool for energetic healers in applying the mentioned attributes.
  5. The 13 facets phi crystal is predestined for extraction.

12 facet phi crystal

The 12 facets phi crystal bears the following attributes:

  1. works on the level of human nature
  2. 12 initializes the awakening of man on the material and conscious levels
  3. stands for strength
  4. stands for will
  5. stands for endurance
  6. stands for transformation
  7. strengthens the desire for understanding
  8. activates and harmonizes the 12 DNA strands
  9. accesses the 12 electromagnetic consciousness patterns within the duality 


It is so that each crystal, which is formed of natural quartz itself is unique. Some types of quartz, such as smoke and rutile, quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each piece will carry additional and specialized aspects. The user must take each sample to know its characteristics. Water clear quartz is different from quartz with inclusions.


All phi crystals carry the general attributes of clear and natural quartz:

  1. they can strengthen and focus energies 
  2. they can receive and transmit
  3. they can store and restore
  4. they transform or refine light waves
  5. they transmit thought-vibrations
  6. they combine vibrations
  7. they send out a vibration field

In fact, all the phi crystals reinforce these properties.


Data sheet

The Vogel Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Smoky Quartz
Phi Crystal Lucidity
**** more than 80 % pure. Very clear with phantom(s)
Number of Facets
- Earth healing and grounding - deep cleaning at all levels - Harmonizing on mental, emotional and physical level - balancing disharmony e.g. male / female
Use for
- Extraction Phi Crystal
- Heart opener
- energetic interventions at all levels
- manifesting
- receiving and sending messages and channeling
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China
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