4 Maha Cohan Pyramids
  • 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids
  • 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids

4 Maha Cohan Pyramids

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The Maha Cohan pyramids are ritual crystals to activate our intuitive power. So that we can freely and without influence put this strength and power into heavenly projects that help our world, when changing into a future full of glories, without materialism. The Maha Cohan pyramids are connected to the original energy of the Andes, which know how to act in a pure and clear way.
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  • 4x Maha Cohan Pyramid
    Base area approx. 20 - 30 mm
    Height about 15 - 20 mm
  • the product pictures are purely exemplary
  • You get similar pyramids!
The product pictures and videos are purely exemplary. You get similar pyramids!

Maha Cohan Pyramids

The pyramids we have developed are a wonderful way to substantially harmonize and increase the level of energy and light vibration in the home, house, or building, automatically removing or transforming ineffective and low-vibrational energies.
The 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids combine to form an energetic pyramid of light that has an extremely high light quotient. This invisible light pyramid protects the apartment or the house from inappropriate energies. It reflects everything from the outside, like a mirror. It does the same from the inside.
The light pyramid builds up its complete energy within about 30 days completely. After that, an energetically pure and clear space emerges, which shows us unfiltered what disharmonies are in us.
Therefore, for most people, using the 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids is the simplest and most effective way of protecting yourself from ineffective external energies and recognizing and perceiving one's own disharmony. So that they can be reconciled and harmonized, which will automatically increase the light quotient.
By setting up the four charged pyramids creates a feel-good atmosphere, an oasis of high-swinging light, which makes all life and consciousness easier and simpler swing, or get into vibration. Thus, people, beings and consciousnesses can get back into the heart and feel much faster, which has a vibration. Above all, however, which vibration we humans have and can achieve. It is well known that on high swinging events, such as joys of life fairs, concerts and seminars of spiritual, etc., the person feels more comfortable, lighter and more harmonious. This highly vibrating energy, by people with a high light quotient and their energetic action, can now be permanently established and achieved with the 4 four-sided pyramids in one's own home, house, yard, etc. These 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids increase the ambient vibration considerably. What does not mean that people no longer have to work on themselves, quite the contrary. For now, through this wonderful high environment-vibrational field, exactly the challenges in man are triggered, which may be brought into harmony. Because of this, it will be in this 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids environment, through the high vibration, easier and simpler than ever, to bring disharmony back into line. For every working, studying or learning person, whether energetic or not, such a harmonized high vibration environment is the path to successful work.
Therefore, it is not only a significant factor not only to reach and have a high light quotient as a human, but to keep it at a high level. And of course this is much easier in a highly vibrating environment, where all non-beneficial energies (such as negativity) from outside can not resonate with it and are kept away from the 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids. These 4 Maha Cohan Pyramids are a self-contained, very conscious unit. The person who believes in this unity and its protection will experience this protection and this high vibration. It is always up to each human being what he does with his faith, with the energies and vibrations that show itself to him.

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Data sheet

The Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Lucidity
**** very clear with a few tiny inclusions/phantoms
Length in mm approx.
Weight in g approx.
+/- 50 in total
High in mm
Use for
You get a short script
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Kristall Markt - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China

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