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The first and only shop with cleaned and energetically charged Phi crystals


Phi crystals are made in the so-called Vogel design. With Phi crystals, users have many different types of healing vibrations and frequencies available that are not found in naturally occurring quartz crystals. On the path of healing, they are wonderful, very supportive tools and companions for healers.
Every Phi crystal available in our shop is a genuine and natural quartz crystal that has been "rehearsed" or personally applied to its energies, so that the energetic effectiveness is proven.
However, the phi crystals require study and interaction. Our Phi crystals are prepared for the users, but they are not ready for use. Adequate and well thought-out effort is required to communicate, integrate, and synergize with the living consciousness of each Phi Crystal.
In our shop you will always receive several purified Phi Crystals charged with energetic healing energies.

Phi Crystals Carsten Metje
  • Shamans extraction wand

    Shamans extraction wand

  • 6 Gates Phi-Cristal

    6 Gates Phi-Crystal - Relationship issues

  • 5 Gates Phi Crystal







    5 Gates Phi Crystal

    Harmonious with the Divine Feminine

  • 7 Gates Phi Crystal

    7 Gates Phi Crystal - perfect order, completion, balance, unity

  • 8 Gates Angel Phi-Cristal

    8 Gates Phi-Crystal - health, breakthrough, change and transformation


               12 FACET PHI CRYSTAL - Strength, Will and Perseverance


    13 facets phi crystal - meditation, past lives, strength, will and perseverance

  • 18 Facets

    Phi-Crystal 18 Facets - shadow issues, deception and fraud


    24 Facets Phi Crystal - Heart opener

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Never place the Phi crystals in direct sunlight. Charge the Phi Crystal with moonlight or sunrise light and sunset light and clean the Phi Crystal after each use. Our rock crystals are natural products and therefore every offered and polished Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fine cracks and color impurities are natural and completely normal. Phi-crystals are pure energy amplifier that move light energy and refine. The Phi Crystal never does the work for you, you will never prevail so that your inner intent or internal force is not needed anymore, it served its purpose and is a tool that supports your ascent, rather than to reach the rise for you ,


Although the clarity of the phi-crystals is highly prized, Dr. Marcel Vogel and his assistants found that phi-crystals did not have to be completely clear to be effective. In some cases phi-crystals with some internal clouding, occlusions etc. may be more powerful than completely clear phi-crystals.
Note editorial C. Metje: We were able to determine (feel) this already energetically. Phi-Crystals which are not completely optically clear should not be disregarded. Every phi-crystal is an individual being, with its own intrinsic energy nature. Uniquely beautiful, which creates special phantoms and / or inclusions for miraculous energies. Therefore, inclusions and phantoms have a very deep meaning.