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Copernicus 13-20-33 facets phi-crystal 157g with double phantom


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13-20-33 Facets
Weight ca. 157 g 
Length ca. 115 mm
Diameter ca. 25 - 34 mm

The Phi Crystal Copernicus is charged with the sunrise energy of May 20, 2018.

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You get exactly this Phi Crystal, as pictured.

638,65 €

Data sheet

General The Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Lucidity **** very clear with phantom(s)
Extra charge Sunrise and Lunar Eclipse
Number of Facets 13-20-33
Length in mm approx. 115
Diameter in mm approx. 25-34
Weight in g approx. 157
Use as Heart opener
Use for Extraction wand
Use for Earth healing and grounding wand
Use for deep cleaning at all levels
Use for Harmonizing- Phi Crystal on mental, emotional and physical level
Use for balancing disharmony e.g. male / female
Use for manifesting
Use for energetic interventions at all levels
Use for receiving and sending messages and channeling
Supplier and manufacturer Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China
Origin Brazil

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The Phi-crystal Copernicus with this special ratio taps into that which is termed the Melchizedek Order of Alpha and Omega from the stance of humanity.
Unique is the energy of clarity that this Phi-Crystal Copernicus brings to the mind.
The Phi Crystal Copernicus further includes the highest energies of strategy and power.
It enhances balancing of the Auric Field , as a pre requisite to establishing Mer-Ka-Na, as such it is a very specialized healing wand. It is inspired thru the channel by the work of Enoch, of Kamadon. His energy is herewith imbued in this unique ratio. It may be termed the Melchizedek vibration. It is nurturing and healing. From a healing perspective, it is especially effective in working with and releasing emotional trauma and in allowing for the clearing of these blockages to establish the true Soul’s Divinity within the SOVEREIGN SELF. It assists in clearing karmic relationship issues. It heals and enables the clear functionality of the glandular system. The Kamadon ratio is very effective in healing work and in activating the Energy of the sacred Platinum Ray.
It helps to clarify topics karmic relationships. He heals and enables the clear functionality of the glandular system. 

The 5-portals Phi Crystal works especially well with the Copernicus / Melchizedek 13-20-33 facets Phi Crystal together by introducing a very powerful feminine energy. The Copernicus Phi crystal has visible beautiful phantom inclusions see pictures and video and is otherwise very clear.

This double terminated healing wand Phi crystal with 13-20-33 facets is cleaned and charged and ready for use.
You get exactly this Phi Crystal, as pictured.


13 Facets Phi Crystal are used in meditation and to connect with past lives.
The 13 facets Phi Crystal contains all the properties of the 12 facets Phi crystal.


The 33 facets Phi crystal operates on the level of humanity and assists mankind in clearing obstacles that impede a proceeding in the Christ energy. The 33 Phi crystal promotes the desire for clarity, for greater compassion, and an understanding of the unity of all mankind. It promotes the spirit of sibship and brings in the desire for unconditional love. The 33 taps into the 5th dimension and prepares you for the expression of the new 33 chakras. He brings in the Emerald Ray of Harmony and Healing. He is in resonance with the energy of elk and deer.


The 12 Facet Vogel works on the level of humanity and accesses, activates and harmonizes the 12 strands of DNA and the 12 electromagnetic patterns of consciousness within duality. 
The 12 Vogel Phi fortifies the human EMF and enables the user to amplify thought frequency. 
In truth this occurs with all PHI Cut Vogels, and the greater the number of facets the greater this quality is amplified, as faceting enables more light and thus more energy. The 12 initializes the awakening of man on the physical conscious level and creates the desire for more understanding. It brings in the Ruby Ray of Strength, Will and Perseverance.


It is so that each crystal, which is formed of natural quartz itself is unique. Some types of quartz, such as smoke and rutile, quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each piece will carry additional and specialized aspects.
The user must take each sample to know its characteristics. Water clear quartz is different from quartz with inclusions.


> Amplify Energies 
> Enable Focus 
> Receive and Store Data 
> Transform or Refine Light Wave Frequencies 
> Transfer Thought Energetics 
> Merge Frequencial Energies 
> Emit a Frequencial Field


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