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Clarity by Phi Crystals

Energetically purified and charged Phi crystals in Vogel Design Cut

Phi crystals are made in the so-called Vogel design. With Phi crystals, users have many different types of healing vibrations and frequencies available that are not found in naturally occurring quartz crystals. On the path of becoming whole, they are, for people and users, wonderful, very supportive tools and companions. Every Phi crystal available in our shop is a genuine and natural quartz crystal that has been "rehearsed" or personally applied to its energies, so that the energetic effectiveness is proven. However, the phi crystals require study and interaction. Our Phi crystals are prepared for the users, but they are not ready for use. Adequate and well thought-out effort is required to communicate, integrate, and synergize with the living consciousness of each Phi Crystal.
  •  Phi crystal over 250g of weight
  •  Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut

     Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut

  • 8 Gates Angel Phi-Cristal
  • Accessories
  • Phi-Crystals - User Manual
  • 33 oder 44 FacettenPhi-Bergkristall


Phi Crystals are precision instruments. They are not intended for everyone. They call those people who are willing to interact and to work with them. They offer themselves to those who are responsibly prepared to devote serious study and attention to profound conditions of use and divine secrets. The Phi Crystal works only with the people who have a required light quotient so that synergy with it can be achieved. 

Activation only takes place when the greatest benefit of love with the Phi Crystals is worked.
In the case that the light quotient is too low, it is recommended to increase or extend it energetically to the required light quotient.

It is that all Phi Crystals need a settling phase of about 30 days and only then synergy can be achieved with him to even act and harmonize. There are sensitive interactions and patient study is required to synergize with the Phi Crystal so that coherence can be achieved. Only then will he work successfully with a human being.

Inclusions and Phantoms

Although the clarity of the Phi crystal is much appreciated, we found that the Phi crystals do not have to be completely clear to be effective. In some cases, Phi crystals with inner opacities, inclusions, phantoms, etc. are stronger and more powerful in their energy than very, very clear Phi crystals.

The phi crystals that are not completely optically clear should therefore definitely not be ignored. They can also have very important properties that naturally reside in the Phi crystal. Phi crystals with inclusions allow the incoming energies to swirl, causing them to be altered and decelerated. This creates energies that are not generated by a very, very clear phi-crystal. 
Each phi-crystal is an individual, very conscious being with its own inherent energy. Uniquely beautiful what special phantoms and or inclusions for miraculous healing energies are able to produce in phi crystals.
 Therefore, inclusions and phantoms have a very deep meaning, which are very valuable and important for some Phi crystal. In this way, eddies are created in him, which ensure that the healing frequencies in him, so to speak, stay longer and thus can be emitted and radiated much more intensively.