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Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100 Vogel Cut
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100 Vogel Cut
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100
  • Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100

Set 2 Phi Crystal Extraction 2100


Extraction 2100
Phi Crystals Extraction Kit


1x King Phi Crystal with Blue Rutiles
1x Butler Phi crystal with 4-fold cut
1x Phi Crystals User Manual
1x script with exercises

For the easy and simple extraction of the 21st century, where we gently and delicately feel into the extraction, two different phi crystals are needed. One, larger, is the King Phi crystal, which must contain blue rutile (angel feathers, angel hair) and the other is a clear, smaller, Butler Phi crystal.
With this New Era Extraction 2100 Set and with the energies that surround us, we can easily and simply extract unhelpful energies (blockages, trauma, disharmony, etc.). The King and Butler Phi Crystals -can- make sensitive and sensitive people feel the extraction. Depending on our maturity and awareness, we gently or intensely feel all the energies triggered by the two phi crystals.
The larger triple cut King Phi crystal must contain blue rutile, also known as angel feathers or angel hair, in order to interact with the smaller quadruple cut Butler Phi crystal. This combination of very unusual phi crystals offers us a very simple and easy extraction method that suits today's quality of time and that can be used quickly and effectively on ourselves or on those around us. 

We call it; "Extraction 2100"

In stock. You get exactly these Phi Crystals - as pictured.

The 21st Century Phi Crystals Extraction Set 2

Extraction of the 21st Century

With this "Extraction 2100 Set" we can work on ourselves or on other beings while we feel what is happening.
It is useful that we work on ourselves first with the Extraction 2100 Set. In this way we gain personal experience and the two phi crystals create a very personal connection with us. First of all, it should be said that the two phi crystals are prepared for the energetic effect. Still, pure intention and loving handling is required to achieve synergy with them. Phi Crystals have a divine consciousness and will only work when it is conducive and our souls have consented. Working on others always requires the assent and consent of the other soul, as well as seeking intellectual permission. The energetic work with phi crystals can cause temporary physical symptoms that go away after a while. Phi crystals will only affect us as much as we are willing and our soul allows.

Vogel Cut Exercise Extraction 2100

Extraction and trauma

The Extraction 2100 exercises and energetic work with trauma require knowledge and previous experience with these topics. These exercises are only intended for users who are familiar with them. An extraction is a treatment that can transform and extract everything that is not love from the different layers of the body. Thus, the user must be aware that when something has been successfully extracted, this now “empty” space should be filled with love and light at that exact spot. This will facilitate healing and relieve or eliminate any pain that may arise.


The fact is that every crystal fashioned from natural quartz is unique in itself. Some types of quartz, such as smoky and rutile quartz, will have additional properties. In fact, each phi crystal will carry additional and specialized aspects. 
The user must test drive each individual phi crystal in order to get to know its characteristics. 
Water clear quartz differs from a phi crystal with inclusions. 
The phi crystals are natural products and therefore each phi crystal offered here is unique! 
Inclusions, small dents, fine cracks and color imperfections are natural and completely normal.

General Attributes

All phi crystals share the general attributes of clear and natural quartz. 
They can:

  • amplify energies
  • focus energies
  • receiving energies
  • send energies
  • store energies
  • restore energies
  • Transform or refine light waves
  • transmit thought frequencies
  • combine vibrations
  • emit a vibratory field

    These properties are reflected by all Phi Crystals.

The Extraction Phi Crystal Set is suitable for people and users who have been studying the phi crystal for a long time and have gained their experience with quartz and phi crystals so that they can achieve synergy with the phi crystals. 
The energetically cleaned double-terminated phi crystals are charged and can be used immediately.

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Data sheet

Phi Crystal Lucidity
***** more than 90 % pure. Very clear with a few tiny inclusions/phantoms
Rutilated Quartz
This phi crystal has blue rutile - angel feathers. Rutile quartz is quartz crystal with needle-shaped rutile inclusions.
Number of Facets
Butler 5-18-5-13
King 12
Length in mm approx.
Butler 70
King 140
Diameter in mm approx.
Butler 24-29
King 18-28
Weight in g approx.
Butler 75
King 142
Use for
- A script with exercises is included.
- Extraction Phi Crystal
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Crystal Market - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China
The Vogel Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Quartz Crystal