Purchase and decision support for Phi Crystals
  • Purchase and decision support for Phi Crystals

Purchase and decision support for Phi Crystals

Tax included Email sent within 2-5 working days.

You want to buy a phi crystal and you need clarity.

If you are not sure yet or if you are still a little undecided, we will give you a purchase and decision-making aid for 2-3 Phi crystals from our online shop. This is personally tailored to you and the Phi crystals. The information serves you to recognize what the respective Phi crystal is doing with you energetically, so that you can decide what is most useful for you at the moment.


The 1st Phi Crystal will give you energy and with him you start off. He lets you act divinely and tread the paths that your soul wants to tread and which are divinely intended.

The 2nd Phi Crystal will rather bring you calm. He is more melancholy and brings you constancy, but also leads you to stagnation and no further change, but brings you peace and quiet.

Note: If a Phi Crystal is purchased with a value of 200 € or more, this service will be offset against the purchase price.


Product customization

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Diese Dienstleistung wird als PDF via EMail gesendet und enthält keinen Phi-Kristall!

Purchase and decision support for Phi Crystals

Your request will be answered in the form of metaphors. For this purpose, energy is taken on a very special level in order to make answers visible to you. For this our business partner uses her clairvoyance (clairvoyance), which she was already given in the cradle.

Please add your data to the customization. After a successful order, you will receive your answers as a PDF by email within 1-5 days.

This service is only offered for the Phi Crystals from our online shop (www.phi-kristalle.de). 
This service is sent as a PDF via email and does not contain a phi crystal!

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You expressly request and at the same time agree that the specified service should begin before the cancellation period expires. You know that your right of withdrawal expires when the contract is fulfilled in full.

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