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How do I use my Phi crystal?
  • How do I use my Phi crystal?
  • How do I use my Phi crystal?
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How do I use my Phi crystal?

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Individual instructions for use for one personal phi crystal

We are individuals and each of us is in our personal maturity. Accordingly, we are all different in our energies and in our work, so that we are offering individual instructions here, just for you and your personal Phi crystal. You will receive individual instructions for use and other useful information about your personal Phi crystal. In order to be able to create this, we need some information (data) from you. Please add your personal information (data) to the customization. After a successful order, you will receive your personal Phi-Crystal application instructions within 2-5 days.


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Application and use of your personal Phi Crystal

As we have now recognized, each person is in his own individual maturity, plays his individual role and is at his own developmental level. This is the reason that individual guidance for personal Phi Crystals is required so that we can work at our own speed and spiritual development on the way into our heart.
With this service you will receive a description of how you can use your personal Phi crystal individually and or how you can work with it. For this purpose, energy is taken to a very special level, where our business partner, author La Vie, uses her clairvoyance. This was already given to her in the cradle and accompanies her all her life to help her fellow human beings. It makes hidden things visible for you.
Please add your personal data to the customization. After a successful order, you will receive your personal Phi-Crystal application instructions within 2-5 days.


Channeling for a phi crystal in connection with the user and the place of work.

Location: Earth
Phi Crystal: 12 Gate Phi Crystal
User: Mrs. Rex

Base energy Place
In this place, soap bubbles shimmer in my mind's eye, they glitter in rainbow colors and float happily and gently through the air. You can feel an incredibly pure environment.

Basic energy Phi Crystal
The Elohim 12 Portals Phi crystal has blue parts with which he creates a kind of protection zone at the place and for the user. He is connected to the water of the Alpine glaciers and thus he carries an incredible amount of information and wisdom from the past, which can be queried through targeted meditations and work with him in silence.

Basic energy User
This lady carries an incredible amount of worldly wisdom and has strong spiritual dispositions, which are apparently already being exploited to a large extent. She is an old soul who has a lot of worldly knowledge to impart about spirituality.

In the combination of the three basic energies user, phi crystal and place, I see and feel that this phi crystal in this place can be used perfectly for unexplained souls and personalities. To isolate these beings from foreign energies so that they have the opportunity to discover their true self. He should not be used in larger groups, but only once a day with another person. In the vicinity of a bouquet of chamomiles, the Elohim Phi crystal recharges quickly. He can provide the house with a protective zone to shield off unhelpful energetic energies and to be at ease.
Please use the Elohim Phi crystal only on gentle and traumatized beings. Ego energies can destroy his natural energy field.
For cleaning purposes, this phi crystal loves chamomile baths, in which he is bathed for 24 hours. The baths should only be put on after sunset. I think this Phi crystal did not end up in this pure, clear place with such an experienced user, where he can work in symbiosis with the place, the user and his own energies.

I am looking forward to your feedback.
I did not get any general information from www.phi-kristalle.de about the Elohim Phi crystal so as not to discolor the energy combination. The general Phi-Crystal information (User Manual Phi-Crystals) of course still applies, especially if the Phi-Crystal should be passed on. If someone else uses him, they can access the basic information on www.phi-kristalle.de. A new user or a change of location may reveal new usage properties that should then be queried again.
With kind regards
Author La Vie

This service is sent as a PDF via email and does not contain a phi crystal!

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The individual instructions for use are tied to the place of activity and refer to a single user and one personal Phi crystal.
Supplier and manufacturer
Author La Vie
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