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Har'Atora Pyramid

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Harmony Pyramid 8-sided

The Har’Atora quartz crystal phi pyramid is from the island of peace.
This phi pyramid is available to us if we strive for holistic healing within ourselves and if we can forgive ourselves and the world.
With Har'Atora, a deep cleansing flows through us, as if we were standing under this lukewarm waterfall on this tropical island and didn't want to leave this magical place. 
Everything that happens to us under the waterfall at this moment is too magical and peaceful. We wash every impurity with every water molecule. With the phi pyramid Har’Atora, purifying water energies flow through us from the source. Unnoticed, the hours pass peacefully in harmony in this energy. In her created energy, from the island of peace, we bathe in a feeling of carelessness and can take new steps towards the future without pain.                                 
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Weight ca. 115 - 135 g
High ca. 35 mm
Diameter ca. 60 - 67 mm

The product pictures and videos are purely exemplary. You get a similar pyramid!

Har'Atora Pyramid

The Har'Atora pyramid scans all of our energies wherever we put them on or hold her. She immediately recognizes all energies that are disharmonious, this also includes our mindset, and immediately builds up a harmonic field to bring the energies back into harmony. That means that while we work with the Har’Atora pyramid, she will show us every disharmony at the moment so that we can recognize and solve it.
She makes us, with our spirit, vibrate to a higher level, as if we are looking down on ourselves from a cloud. Above all, our mindset is permanently illuminated by the Har'Atora pyramid, so that everything that we do not think useful in us is immediately transmitted to us so that we can recognize it and it cannot even become manifest in us.
This miracle of Har'Atora pyramid works in all of our body shells and in our light body and allows healing to take place at every moment where we allow and accept it.

Sensitive and very spiritual people will perceive these gentle and fine divine energies flowing through us and learn to love them. They open and harmonize our hearts so that we can perceive more and more gentle and tiny little energy impulses that guide us divine and show us what it feels like to be in the divine center.
It is like sleeping in a healing grotto, which is energetically, in the end, the case. We meditate and feel safe.

If we still have disharmonies and tasks within us, we can see that we still have to work on ourselves. This also includes our ancient thoughts and energy patterns that we still carry within us. We are presented, so to speak, with our old, unhelpful and unloving attitudes that stop us.
The Har'Atora pyramid supports us in getting back into our loving mindset again and again.
The Har'Atora pyramid automatically, easily and simply builds a peaceful energy around and in us. So that no matter what loveless thoughts appear in us, we recognize that we are not and immediately begin to return to our loving mindset. We get a lot of small and loving impulses or thoughts that help us to be ourselves and love again.
This harmonization procedure, to let us present our old mindset again and again, can be shown to us again and again as long as we are not yet stable in love.
The eight-sided Har'Atora pyramid can initially be simply held in our dominant hand for about 5-15 minutes. She can make herself felt in our body energies on the first day, because she automatically begins to work energetically in us.
As for all Phi crystals and therefore also for the eight-sided Har'Atora pyramid, it normally takes about 30 days to get used to adapting to us and our environment.

Har'Atora Pyramiden

Depending on the light quotient of us humans, the Har'Atora pyramid may also begin to work and flow in us immediately.
I myself take her again and again just in my dominant hand to relax and recharge my batteries during the day, where she often lets me dream dreamily and extremely harmoniously or just peacefully in my midst.
Especially in meditation, the already wonderful peaceful and harmonic energy is increased significantly.
With the Har'Atora pyramid we get into a meditative state easier and faster, which lets us feel our center. The perception of our senses with the Har'Atora pyramid is clearer, more peaceful and more harmonious.
The familiar falling back into unsorted thoughts, thought spirals and useless fantasies is considerably reduced and we stay longer in harmony, peace and love.

We receive divine impulses and if we allow and accept it we remember our dreams and inspirations that want to lead us to our destiny.
The Har'Atora pyramid not only supports the more conscious awake dreaming, but also promotes the more conscious perception of mental impulses and increases our intuition to act.
Not only when we wake up, but also while we are falling asleep, she can give us permanent hints and tips about what we have to do right now. We can see for ourselves how beneficial she is to follow our heart or our intuition more and more, and the Har'Atora pyramids can support us considerably because she keeps our heart in its divine and original vibration.
We don't learn to worry anymore in order to keep ourselves stable in love in our midst.

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Data sheet

The Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Phi Crystal Lucidity
*** very clear with phantoms and or inclusions
Diameter in mm approx.
60 - 67
Weight in g approx.
115 - 135
High in mm
Use for
You will receive a small description
Supplier and manufacturer
Donghai Kristall Markt - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China

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