Heart Diamond Healing Grotto

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Content of the Heart Diamond Healing Grotto: 

  • 4x Maha Cohan Pyramids 4-sided 
  • 4x Harmony Pyramids 8-sided
  • 1x Sirius Pyramid 4-sided with Crown and Base
  • 1x Metatron Pyramid 8-sided with Crown and Base
  • 1x Script 30 DIN A4 pages, The Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto
You get exactly this Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto - as pictured.

Heart Diamond Healing Grotto

The Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto is designed and built for people who are already on their way to their hearts and are looking for new ways to arrive in the heart and stay stable in love and a loving mindset. It addresses people who believe in the power and force of natural quartz crystals and have worked and acted with them for more than 5 years. Because, through the Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto, many, mostly unconscious energetic inner processes are triggered. Who steer us very often and do things that are not love and that we are therefore not really. 
The person who gets to know more and more within the Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto through the daily life in the feeling of the heart, and thereby recognizes and becomes aware of himself, will thereby definitely successively change his mental attitude. Because, he will increasingly realize what he is doing with himself, what is not love. For this cognition, there are other books by me, which show and describe the essential energetic relationships of thought and our mental attitude. 
The reader can expect many familiar and unknown ways in self-healing and self-healing powers, or in the life out of the heart. Above all, when the reader truly sets out on his path to love, he will automatically reach higher consciousness and the self-healing powers that await us to enter. We are love and we are higher consciousness when our heart guides us. The Heart Diamond Healing Grotto and its Phi Pyramids are wonderful tools that can energetically support us tremendously.

Heart Diamond Healing Grotto

The Heart Diamond Healing Grotto can bring us back harmoniously into our original divine energies. The more we lovingly deal with ourselves and accept ourselves for what we are, namely love, the easier we remain in our inner peace and in our hearts. What as an energetic consequence, the feeling of heart and of our light body entails. Energetically, our heart carries a crystalline diamond, which is an exact reflection of the crystalline diamond our soul carries. It is a smaller copy of the crystalline diamond of our soul. With the Heart Diamond Healing Grotto we are able to connect our energetic crystalline diamond of our heart with our soul. So that we can make it shine again and bring it to light and through it we can get into our divine omnipotence and power, which dwells in our crystalline heart-diamond. Once upon a time we protected our heart, our heart-diamond from many unhelpful influences, above all from fear and pain. As a result, we have denied, lied, hid, and forgotten our Heart Diamond. Now, as we begin to realize that we carry a crystalline and divine diamond in our heart, it will reveal itself to us as well as what we really are. With the Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto, we can now reach our crystalline Heart Diamond more easily and more easily to bring it to light with our loving attitude of mind and thus to get into harmony. With the Heart Diamond Healing Grotto, made up of different Phi pyramids, which will be introduced later in the book, our human heart on the energetic level is freed from all limitations and protective mechanisms. Of course, the energetic action and procedure of the Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto will also entail a physical consequence that will allow our physical heart to return to its original power. For this purpose, the different Phi pyramids are used, which together form a heart-diamond healing grotto. The high-energy heart-diamond healing grotto accesses all of our body shells, body aspects and energetic energies, such as on our attitude, beliefs and convictions. It has its own divine consciousness, which after the installation in our home takes about 2-3 months to fully adjust to our energies. Once we reach maturity to realize that this Heart Diamond Healing Grotto is showing our challenges and offering us solutions, it is easy to counter this. All we have to do is follow our inspiration and intuition, or trust the heart-feelings that guide us through the heart-diamond healing grotto. However, when we humans are at the beginning of our spiritual development, we will not be able to solve everything only on the energetic level. So that we are always made aware of means, ways and tools in the outside that we are allowed to and should use. However, our beliefs are increasingly triggered to believe in ourselves and in our self-healing powers, so that we can sometimes be shown solutions that are very energetic in nature. Who want to promote us in their own way in our trust and in our faith and thus in our original being again. It is always up to us humans to do what we can do with the situation before us. Let us believe in ourselves and our loving mindset, or are we afraid of our challenge and go out or stick to old beliefs.
The path to our self-healing and our self-healing powers is initially a back and forth between inside and outside, duality is our challenge, until we totally trust ourselves and fully believe in ourselves again and thus someday realize that the outside, or duality is really just an illusion. The Heart Diamond Healing Grotto can bring us back to our self-healing powers and to our heart-felting. Depending on the maturity and state of mind of us humans, this may take a while until we can determine healing successes in ourselves. Therefore, patience, mindfulness, perseverance, discipline and concentration are necessary to enter our self-healing and higher consciousness. Life is up and down, like a wave (vibration). That will not change right away with the Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto. Again and again, we will doubt ourselves and our abilities to realize that we are not these thoughts of doubt. We will always be sad, because we recognize ourselves by how we used to deal with ourselves very lovelessly. It is a very energetic and compassionate way from the heart, to love. The Heart-Diamond Healing Grotto and its different Phi-Pyramids can get us back into our heart and our energetic body feeling faster and easier. As soon as we feel again in our body-shells (light body), our faith and trust automatically grow larger and larger, and so we get more and more into our original omnipotence and the power of love of our heart-diamond.


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The Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Phi Crystal Lucidity
*** very clear with phantoms and or inclusions
You will receive a 30-page script
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Donghai Kristall Markt - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China

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