Har'Atora Pyramids
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Har'Atora Pyramids

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4x Harmony Pyramids 8-sided


Har'Atora Pyramids

The 4 eight-sided Har'Atora pyramids are initially set up around our bed or directly below it for about 2-3 months. They can also be placed in the corners of our bedroom. The 4 Har'Atora pyramids can be felt in our body energies as early as the first day because they automatically begin to energize us. Therefore, when we place ourselves in their energetic field, it may feel like a tingling energy, e.g. flowing out or down through our feet.

Maybe we should just perceive how a calm and touching flowing energy harmonizes us gently. The mere fact that we lay down in our beds, we can feel energetic, as we feel in ourselves, something like an inner peace.

As with all Phi crystals, and therefore all Phi pyramids, the 4 eight-sided Har'Atora pyramids also require that they usually need about 30 days to adapt to us and our environment. Depending on the light quotient of us humans, the 4 Har'Atora pyramids may also immediately begin to work and flow in us. Again and again I just lie down to rest and energize during the day in my bed surrounded by the 4 Har'Atora pyramids, where I often fall asleep dreamily and extremely harmoniously, or simply let myself be peacefully in thought.

Especially in the lying meditation, the already wonderful peaceful and harmonious energy is increased significantly. In the vicinity of the 4 Har'Atora pyramids we find ourselves more easily and quickly in a meditative state. The perception of the senses, within the 4 Har'Atora pyramids, is clearer, more peaceful and more harmonious.  The familiar falling back, in unsorted thoughts, spirits of thoughts and useless fantasies, is considerably reduced and we stay longer in the harmony, the peace and the love. 

Har'Atora Pyramids

We receive divine impulses, and when we allow and accept it, we remember our dreams and inspirations that want to lead us to our destiny. 

Just in the morning, it is wonderful to be awake after the first one, e.g. with personal crystals or ritual objects to go again into the dream world, to meditate or simply to connect with the spiritual world. This conscious dreaming and perception is for the harmony and the peace to ourselves and in the self-healing a very valuable exercise and an extremely useful procedure for the awakening of us humans. For the awakening of us humans is going through compulsive getting up and going to work, energetically, considerably disturbed. A peaceful awakening, in mindfulness with ourselves, gives us a free spirit. This definitely does not seem to be wanted by our society. Because just when we awaken peacefully and by ourselves, we remember much more consciously of the things and dream details that are consciously communicated and transmitted to us at night. Which we get elsewhere or rarely, or otherwise cannot remember. 

The 4 Har'Atora pyramids not only support more conscious dreams, but also promote a more conscious perception of mental impulses and increase our intuition to action. They give us, on waking up, but also while falling asleep, permanent hints and tips, what we have to do right now. We may trustfully follow these tips, e.g. get up again or, instead of shuffling around and worrying, or losing ourselves in thought spirals, just meditate a bit. If we follow our intuition and the impulses of our heart, we fall asleep easily and quickly. The 4 Har'Atora pyramids provide several well-balanced deep sleep phases, which allow us to wake up much more rested and stronger in the morning. We can see for ourselves how beneficial it is to follow our heart and our intuition more and more and there the 4 Har'Atora pyramids can support us considerably. We learn not to worry anymore, but to prepare ourselves for our sleep, or our dreams and to enjoy them. 


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The Quartz crystals are natural products and therefore every enclosed and cutted Phi crystal is unique! Inclusions, small notches, fissures and color impurities are natural and normal.
Phi Crystal Type
Phi Crystal Lucidity
*** very clear with phantoms and or inclusions
You will receive a small description
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Donghai Kristall Markt - Qian Chunming - Lian Yun Gang City - Jiang Su - China

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