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Aisha Unicorn of Rose Quartz
  • Aisha Unicorn of Rose Quartz

Aisha Unicorn of Rose Quartz

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Aisha Unicorn of Rose Quartz

Beautiful rose quartz unicorn, you get exactly the depicted unicorn.

285 g 


Aisha Unicorn of Rose Quartz

For healers and healers with normal hands and fingers well suited.
This rose quartz crystal unicorn is cleaned and charged and can be used immediately.
You get exactly this unicorn pictured here.

Rose quartz unicorn and 13 facets of Phi crystal

Restoration and renewal transformation 

Dear crystal lover,
After I have worked with a rose quartz unicorn and a 13 facets Phi crystal, I would like to try to describe these energies.

First, I took the unicorn separately into my left hand (so that it stands with the "foot" in the palm of the hand) and after a short while very fine and gentle, somehow loving energies began to flow.
They touched my fingers where the unicorn lay, so to speak. Beautiful, very touching energies began to flow from there down the arm. So I held the rose quartz unicorn 5 - 10 minutes just in the hand and spoke mentally with him (I know the name of my unicorn).
It answered exactly how I should hold it, so I directed the unicorn directly to certain parts of my face.
I asked for restoration and renewal of my cells and my being. I felt very fine, almost imperceptible energies. Now I took my own 13 facets of Phi crystal (whose name I also know) into my right hand and pointed it directly at my physical heart. Together I could feel the energies of the unicorn and the Phi 13 crystal. I began to swing the Phi 13 crystal in an infinity eight over the heart. Immediately my heart went into resonance and all that happened I could feel. The energies of healing, transformation, restoration and renewal flowed. It felt easy and simple, a previously existing "severity" disappeared on my heart and the pressure was gone. I let the unicorn swing together with the 13-phi crystal in fine and small movements. Now a real energy field built up around my heart chakra and it all became easier and simpler. I experimented a little and let the unicorn and times the 13er Phi crystal or both swing together. Outstanding what these two crystals cause together. After about 20-30 minutes of intensive transformation exercises, I have created a fantastic heart chakra wellbeing environment. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Phi-crystal never does the work for you, it will never overpower you so that your intentions or inner power are no longer needed, tools that aid your ascension rather than achieve your ascension for you.


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Use for
- Heart opener

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